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Paper Tape
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Disappointment and Frustration - Faulty Y50 Shipped - No graphic card

I feel very sorry and extremely frustrated for buying a Lenovo product . No customer should go through this many obstacles to pay,buy and use a laptop.


I ordered a Lenovo Y50 Laptop with Intel i7,512 SSD and 4GB nvidia 860M (59440676) from Lenovo website.
After the usual credit card frustrations (Credit Hold , Cancelled Transactions) and shipping frustrations (Shipping delays )  I finally received my laptop today. I felt relieved.I shouldnt have.

The laptop could not detect the graphic card at all. I checked the device manager. No nvidia display adapter. Tried to install nvidia drivers from Lenovo and nvidia website - I got an error message saying - "nvidia GPU not found"
I checked the BIOS - It was set to "Switchable Graphics" but  No other option to enable the graphic card. I am not even sure whether the graphic card hardware is there or not.  

I then contacted Lenovo tech support and they tried to troubleshoot it but no help. They confirmed it is a hardware issue and asked me to contact sales team for replacement. 

In all my years of using computers and laptops, I have never been so frustrated as with lenovo.I just wanted to know how Lenovo can ship a product without even doing a basic check on the hardware! Extremely disappointing.Such bad quality control.

If any of you guys know any way of troubleshooting this, it will be helpful. I dont want to go back for a month long wait for a replacement again.


Thank you.

Serial Port
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Re: Disappointment and Frustration - Faulty Y50 Shipped - No graphic card

I guess you know what brand not to buy again Smiley Wink

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