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Re: Disk Partioning and OneKey Recovery Feature

Dear Mark and fellow colleagues,

Since I bought my notebook and wrote here for the first time, and after almost three months of waiting an answer for the previous long message I wrote then in this very thread, I would like to know at least, how can I get (if there is any) the "XP" Recovery Disc and Drivers DVD (with the Disk Partioning and OneKey Recovery Feature) for my Lenovo IdeaPad Y510 P/N 59014633, Model Name 15303, MO # AB08072706, IdeaPadY510G T5750W53072250PVPW8b-US (T5750 @ 2GHz,3 GB RAM,250 GB HDD, 15,4 in)? Thanks in advance.

I only got a poor loaded Vista option DVD, and had to download every single Driver from lenovos' site. I would expect or desire that with only the connection to a "maintenance link", lenovo by itself would diagnose and provide the proper drivers as well as any solution required in order to get the device running.

I read or heard that this XP disc should/ would ? still be available now. Is that so? Any help will be appreciated.

Regards, Carlos
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Re: Disk Partioning and OneKey Recovery Feature

ask for documentation.... seems someone generated an SOP for it.... this exactly wut u guys need.
Paper Tape
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Re: Disk Partioning and OneKey Recovery Feature

Please help!!! What PROGRAMS  can I move from Drive C to D and still run them ...IdeaPad Y510.  Drive C is almost full and Drive D has TONS of space!!!! 
Serial Port
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Re: Disk Partioning and OneKey Recovery Feature

You can move many programs, photoshop etc. Even you can install your microsoft office on the D drive. Also check to see where the store folders for your email program is (if you are using something like thunderbird or windows mail). You can move the store folders to the D drive as well.


Use the remove programs feature of the control panel and then just reinstall them on the d drive (in the installation process you have to specify where the program should be installed--the default on most programs is C, but you can easily change that.)  You should be able to free up a lot space, depending on how many programs you currently have.

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Re: Disk Partioning and OneKey Recovery Feature

dveda is exactly right, you have to uninstall and reinstall each application in order to get it onto the D: drive.  You can't just "move" it. 


This is exactly why I think partitioning is a bad thing.  I think it's much better to have one big partition.  Then you don't have artificial boundaries where you "run out of space" even though there's lots of space left on the hard drive.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Disk Partioning and OneKey Recovery Feature

From my simplistic point of view, (since I do not want to "learn" anything new, but I do want to use my computer as a tool,) one "C" drive is my preference.


I have a small "C" and a large "D", and it is a real pain!


Some programs are on "C", while others are on "D". Moving files can sometimes be a real burden.


I have now decided to remove the "D" partition, and end up with just one "C".


However, I would ask for help, please. I do not wish to complicate my life.


Can I just rename all my "D" programs and files to "C", or must I uninstall and reinstall, after "back-up" of course. I will only have one drive when finished, so maybe I do not need to reinstall.


I have some programs on "C", with the respective files on "D". I suppose, for these, I can just rename and move them, can I not?


Thank you for your help.




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Re: Disk Partioning and OneKey Recovery Feature

nicklapenna - you cannot just rename/relocate programs on "D" to "C". There are registry keys, configuration files that search in the original location [D]. So copying files over to C will result in loss of program function. Unfortunately you will have to uninstall and install. Unless there is a program available that can modify registry keys that may accompany programs to change "D" to "C".


Edit: If I am wrong in any way/form, please let me know as I have never had to move programs.

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\\ I do not respond to PM regarding individual tech support. Keep discussions in the forum for the benefit of others //
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Re: Disk Partioning and OneKey Recovery Feature

Dear Nicklapenna -- Ortegalius is correct about program files.  You will have to uninstall and reinstall them after you move your partition boundries if you placed the large share of these files in your D drive.  Contrary to Dveda's description, however, when you install programs on a drive other than the "C" drive, only the executable and descriptive files go there -- all of the instructions for the registry, and the drivers for the program will still be placed on the "C" drive.  This is the nature of the Windows system.  Because of this, it is possible that you might change the directions written to the computer system (in the registry and other places)as to where to find the program files after you copy them back to the "C" drive.  It is difficult, however, so the best solution will be to just uninstall the programs and then reinstall them on the C drive.  Good luck on your resizing effort.  I don't think you will be sorry for making your computer life more pleasant even though it is a bit of trouble up front.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Disk Partioning and OneKey Recovery Feature

First I want to say that i am a novice computer user. plug and play is my style.  I can read forums and fix alot with the info i find but have some questions.


1. For some reason my y510 from Microcenter (T5750 @ 2GHz,3 GB RAM,250 GB HDD, 15,4 in) came with the hard drives partitioned opposite of what most seem to have.  My C drive is 189 gb. My D drive is 27.  My other is 17.  I have had numerous issues so far (left shift key doesnt always register, dvd rom quits recongnizing dvds and cds which i will address later) but I have had to restart from scratch (novo button) and I had to move all my files (100g music, 40 g pics) to do this.  I would like to make D drive the larger but when i go to shrink the c drive (i dont even know if this is the right way) it says that i can only shrink 57 gigs.  Is there an easy way to do this.  My computer came with no cd restore.


Now for my dvd player, i turned on itunes and input a cd to copy. it never showed up. when i went to my computer and clicked on it, it said please insert cd/dvd.  when i close the box it ejects the cd.  if i reboot it works again for one or two cds but then does the same thing again.  i have not had the same problem since i restored from the beginning but would like to know why it happened in the first place so if i have to do it again i know what to do.


Also, maybe  a dumb question but with vista (i am new to this) i cant figure out how to get rid of the login to an account everytime it restarts.  i would like to just power up and have it go to my desktop.

Thank you for any help.

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Re: Disk Partioning and OneKey Recovery Feature

Hi, I've been using y530 for about a week. Please tell me if there's any way to get back lost recovery partition with One Key still working. I haven't change anything yet, because I didn't want to lose anything. I thinked about burning the "factory.wsi" image from the hidden recovery partition and then boot the computer with that. I haven't tried it, because I don't really know how does it works. Maybe it would at least help to get all preinstalled software without working OneKey. I think such a solution would be satisfying. I need such thing to try installing linux without losing vista. Please help me, if you have any experience with this stuff
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