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Punch Card
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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410




Only move those programs which you have personally downloaded after receipt of your computer. These should be things like Google Earth  or anti-spyware or word processing programs that you added to the computer. When you installed them onto the hard drive they SHOULD have given you the option of which drive on which to install them--some programs fail to do this and automatically load themselves to the C drive. The result is a full C drive and empty D drive like we have now.


The NOVO button is the one-button-restore feature on the computer. On the Y-410 it is located in the upper right hand corner of the keyboard. Refer to your owner's manual for usage or go on-line and download a Y-410 manual if yours is not available. By usage of the NOVO button, your hard drive will revert to the state in which it was when it was new from the factory--everything else placed on the hard drive will be lost, so back up the programs and data before using the NOVO button. The NOVO button was placed on the computer to allow a recovery from a virus that would disable the computer and is a fairly radical method to achieve the results we are looking for--a usable C drive rather than a full one.


Good luck!


PS. I'm NOT an expert on these things but I can't seem to get any help either so this is the only way that I can see to get the hard drive issue resolved. If someone else has a better idea I would love to hear what they have to say.


John Stephens

What's DOS?
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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410


I have Lenovo 3000 G410. Partitions C: and D: have a strange size: 100 Gb - C, 30 Gb - D. C is too large for the system only, and D is too small for keeping all neccessary files on it. Also I want to install Linux. So I need to resize partitions. Is there a way to resize them but keep One Key Recovery working? Or can I install some other soft instead of OKR that will do similar functions and reacting on Novo key?

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

I do have the same problem but mine is more worse, having 400MB + free space on C.


Does shrinking the drive D space will increase the size on  drive C ? If i do it on the disk management ?


Any thoughts ?



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Paper Tape
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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410



 me to same as this problem, Drive C is 20 gb but currently 1.2 gb free space only, space  is lower and lower, now 300 mb  ONLY let.


please help!

Paper Tape
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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

I figured this out. You need to turn off your rescue software and delete any and all backups of your hard drive. The back ups are complete copies of your drive. They take up tons of space. You should get most of your drive back when you do this.


Go to Start,all programs, Lenovo Care and navigate to the back up files.


Good luck.

Paper Tape
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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

Hello everyone.


I have a lenove 3000 Y410. It has onekey recovery 4.65 version. It does not have system backup. Im getting tired of whenever I recovery my C drive, I have to install some softwares and drivers not included in the default image backup the lenovo has. Like printer drivers, windows updates, anti-virus updates, and more.. So here's my question:


1. What onekey recovery version have a backup features? or does 4.65  have this that I failed to know what to do/how to do/go there?


2. Is the onekey recovery 6.0 compatible with any lenove notebooks, specifically, is it compatible with my 3000 Y410?


I have search the lenovo site, and also this forum, but I failed to see some results concerning compatiblity, and other matters concerning my inquiry.


Thank you so much lenovo community for any help or information you can share.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

I'm hoping someone has come up with an answer to the question that John Stephens posted on 10/14/08 --


Problem:  The C drive on my Y410 is nearly full; the D drive is nearly empty.


I haven't loaded many new programs, but those I've loaded go to the C drive; I don't get the option of putting them on the D drive.


How can I move some programs from my C drive to my D drive?




Paper Tape
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HELP, service partition deleted.


I've deleted the lenovo service partition to recover windows, but it didn't work. After trying a lot, i deceided to pay for the recovery discs form lenovo.
Now I try to recover but it doesn't work! I get the error "Couldn't find service partition". And that is where the installation ends. My laptop is useless now. Does anybody have a solution? Is there a way to get the service partition back?

Many thanks,


What's DOS?
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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410



I having the same problems with my daughter's Y410 -- on 30GB on C: (now full) and 105GB on D: (mostly empty). Most everything seems to want to go automatically to C: (such as Java updates), but there is no room. Hasn't anyone out there found a solution other than a system rebuild?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Disk Partitioning and OneKey Recovery Feature on Y410

The problem being faced by me is the OKR not working in the model G530 model no. 4446-23U. Service centre not able to help.How can this happen that the feature provided by IBM, if corrupts then its not possible for rectification. Help.

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