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Displaying incorrect RAM size in Lenovo Laptop

Dear All,


I have purchased Lenovo Z570 (Model # 59 307662) last week and it has built-in 4GB RAM.


Windows XP OS has been placed to the Laptop and when I checked the RAM details (By Right-clicking the My Computer --> System Properties --> General), it has shown only 2.91 GB.


When I contacted the lenovo sales person in this regard, she said since Windows XP OS 32 bit was installed, it caused this error.


Kindly let me know, whether the above issue is being caused due to the OS installed and what needs to done next?


NOTE: The software tools which I am installing to the laptop require WIndows XP OS.


Thanks in advance,

Ganesh KUmar


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Re: Displaying incorrect RAM size in Lenovo Laptop

Yes, it's true, windows XP 32-bit usually can't see more than 3 GB of ram. Moreover, AFAIK, any 32-bit OS has this problem. This problem exists because 2^32 bytes = 4GB is the maximum amount of ram which can be addressed by 32-bit OS. I'm not sure, but I think that 64-bit version of Windows XP exists and you can try it.
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Re: Displaying incorrect RAM size in Lenovo Laptop

It would take you no more than 5 minutes to remove the Hard disk drive/Memory/Central processing unit/Mini PCI Express Card slot compartment cover to check page 56

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