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Punch Card
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Re: Y550p Displays white screen during sleep and when the display is turned off

Hi all,


I have got a Lenovo G560 and I've read all complains which you stated here. 

I am now happy that I am not the only one having these "white screen" problems since the day I got my laptop.

Here below, I'll try to explain the problems, but I need to say that the problems I'll tell does not occur always but frequenty (like 6 of 10) and quite annoying me and for sure the other users here.

-When I shut down the computer, the screen stays white as you all are encountering.

- The screen blinks suddenly when the computer is on and processing. The screen is black for less then a second and then back to normal.

-Fn+F2 key combinations does not work altough you see the warning icon at the right corner below.

-Fn+Arrow keys (for brigtness up/down) does not work, but you see the bars moving up and down on the screen.


For these problems, my laptop was taken to the service 2 times but the Lenovo technicians could not solve the problems. We had a conversation with the Lenovo technician on the phone 1 hour ago and he said that they wanted to take my computer to the service one more, which they do not quaranty if it will be ok. Besides, I could not use my computer for more than a month as it was in the service for 2 times.

I wanted my laptop to be changed with a new one but unfortunately this was not approved by Lenovo. If so, Lenovo somehow has to solve these problems as soon as possible. Because, this is not my fault, neither yours. 


Thank you.


Paper Tape
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Re: Displays white screen during sleep and when the display is turned off

Hi all,

I have same problem with whitescreens on my Y550 (OS: Windows 7 64bit, the newest BIOS for Y550, the newest Nvidia graphic driver for GT 240M)...


I've found one thing, which may be important for you...

When I use my laptop with Lenovo Energy Management installed, whitescreen displays few times every day, but when I uninstall it and run with Win7 settings, whitescreen appears only few times per week...

Punch Card
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Re: Displays white screen during sleep and when the display is turned off

[ Edited ]

Hi All,


I noticed that when I run on battery white screen issue never happens. Then I set all detailed energy saving settings in Windows to what they are for battery mode. Since then I have not seen the issue again. That makes about a week already.


Among all the detailed power plan parameters I have changed through Control panel the following ones seem to be most important to me: PCI Express: was no energy saving, I set to moderate energy saving.


Temporary USB turn off: was off, I set to on Names may be a bit different as I run Russian windows and am translating here for you If you have this issue check your detailed power saving plan settings.


Hope it will help you.




Lenovo Staff
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Re: Displays white screen during sleep and when the display is turned off

[ Edited ]

akichin, Thanks for your sharing. I spoke to the engineer, Sergey who you met for this issue. He informed me that you seem to have fixed it.

I really appreciate your follow up post here and i hope others can try the same. For those who have this issue, please try out akichin's method mentioned above in message 63. I'll lock this case for now for it's been too long to track. Should you have any feedback regarding this matter, please create a new topic.


Thank you!

 glamagic, I suggest you to post your issue in a brand new thread because this is for Y550p. It's better not to complicate the case and easier for readers to follow.  Thank you.


Best wishes,

T410, x240

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