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Do I have to use the exact same motherboard when repairing my Idea pad y580?


Unfortunately, I spilled some watermelon juice on my laptop a few years ago.

The spill happened on the left hand side near the fan. 

It won't turn on any more.


I want to try and repair it, with first replacing the motherboard, then testing various other components, fan etc.

My Idea pad y580 motherboard has part number 90000453. (And I had it upgraded to 12gb ram)


The only decently priced replacement motherboard I can find however, has a part number of 90000283  (and reportedly has max of 8gb ram).


The 90000283 motherboard is made for the Idea pad y580, will it work with my laptop, or do I need the exact same piece?


Thank you.

Bit Torrent
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Re: Do I have to use the exact same motherboard when repairing my Idea pad y580?

Generally no, since there are diffenent boards used in the same series. I maybe an old series board with that memory difference in support.

First it must be the same physically for it to fit. Then will you components be compatible and supported on it. (parts not soldered on. To make it work again in your notebook.

I doubt anyone can say for sure as its a guess largely. Good luck
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