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Does Y470 support SATA III 6Gbit/s


I'm planning to replace my current Hard Disk (HDD) in my y470 with a SSD SATA.


Can somebody confirm if Ideapad Y470 support SATA III drives on a full 400-500 Mb/s speed?


If I buy Y470 I want to replace main HDD with Intel 510 SSD that supports SATA III interface.


Intel says that HM65 chipset supports SATA III, but did not found any confirmation in laptop specs.


True SATA 3.0 speed is 6Gb/s.


According to today's psref (datasheet for all current selling models) that i checked, the Y470 model as showed below in the image, supports only SATA 3.0Gb/s.


The SATA 3Gbit/s is is SATA 2 version and not the SATA 3. Thus, Y470 does not support SATA 3.




In short, our current (Feb 2012) consumer notebooks are not supporting SATA 3 yet.

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viksharma On 2014-04-08, 13:22 PM



I replaced my old 750gb spinning drive with a ssd in my lenovo y470 laptop and it is connected at 6gbps sata 3. Samsung magician software says connected at 6gbps, intel rst software says connected at 6gbps and even in one of the downloaded softwares of advanced computer info it says controller supports 6gbps. 


The old hard disk i took out of my laptop categorically says sata 3gbps - so hard disk itself does not support sata 3 but looks like y470 controller does support sata 3.


I dont knw what the truth is but as of now i see my Y470 supporting sata3.


thanks and regards 



p.s. I run 2.1v bios which has network card whitelist removed - got it from a member of the community

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