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I would like to get an answer if my notebook supports Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. Maybe someone else tried?


Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P

Intel Core i7-4700MQ @2.40GH

2x Nvidia GeForce GT 755M 2GB (SLI)

Windows 8.1


Thanks a lot in advance!


If you have an Intel WIFI card installed, it should support WiDi. Please see this US link, and run the update tool.


If you don't have the Intel WIFI card in your system, under Win 8.1 you could do Miracast, under some of the other WIFI cards.


For either one of the two, WiDi, or Miracast to work,  you need to remove the 2nd Nvidia GPU on your system and reboot withit it, so the SLI can initialise the Intel Graphics. You can then project the signal to your television. 

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