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Dust removal in Ideapad Y580

Does anyone actually know if the "Dust Removal" in the energy management program actually works to remove dust from the laptop? I'm a bit reluctant to open up and dissect my laptop to check for any dust accumulation at this point, since everything has been running fine.
This question came to mind since I saw that the filter at the bottom of my laptop was kinda caked in fine dust - wondered if the same was inside my laptop. I got the laptop in December 2012.

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Re: Dust removal in Ideapad Y580

hi marshchen,


Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!


That application can only minimized collection of dust in the Exhaust system of your Laptop.

    Since the process of the vents is to get air fom the outside to pass through the heatsink . Dust collection cannot really be avoided.


   One symptom of a fan and vent dust is that when the vents blow very hot and minimal air and the laptop is heating up more than usual.


A yearly cleaning would be ok.

  You can refer to the Maintenance Manual of this model on how to open the cover and get to the heat sink.

You might also want to refresh and apply new Thermal paste to the Heat sink.


Just be careful on the plastic parts and also wear an anti static starp. If you're not comfortable doing this, You can opt to have a repair center do this.


Best Regards

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Re: Dust removal in Ideapad Y580

This is crazy!

I've been using this laptop for a month and the building I'm in is so dusty that I got the fan blocked.

I realized that the keyboard is becoming too hot, then I tapped the left part of the laptop (on the top, next to the keyboard) it was unthouchable!

Powered off the whole thing flip, it over and I saw a whole bouquette of dust in the fan inhale spot.

Removed it with hands, it was smoking! and smelt like a burnt I don't know what.

Grabbed a vacuum cleaner and sucked everything up from that whole.

The fan is now working and the latop is back to normal temperature but I'm worried if any damage occured. Or the baked dust sticked to the heatsink.

What do you think?

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Re: Dust removal in Ideapad Y580

Only thing with dust removal is it doesnt seem to be "removing dust" if its running at the constant speed in the same direction as it normally blows heat out. The dust is caught by the airfilter BEFORE it enters. If you are going to increase the speed in the same direction as the fan normally blows.............Is that really dust removal???? *COmmon SEnse is being tested here*. IMO I think the dust removal should blow the air the otherway. Out of the entrance. Hence pushing the dust OFF the airfilter. Instead of not only keeping the already dust on the airfilter but pulling in more at a faster speed.


Seems like they tried to make Lenovo Settings better by removing the simplicity of all settings one 1 screen with the multitab confusing Win-10 version.


I have the Pre-Win-10 version if you want. Just shoot me a message. 

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Re: Dust removal in Ideapad Y580

Hey can I get a link to that download? I'd like to use the dust removal with a script so my GPU's stop thermal throttling and Lenovo failed to provide a fan speed controller. Thanks man.

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Re: Dust removal in Ideapad Y580

Someone mentioned to me that the dust removal option is available in the Lenovo Quick Optimizer.

Heres the link, I was the OP.

Dust Removal option is not existing !!!

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