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Paper Tape
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Electric shocks from my laptop Lenovo Ideapad Z500

I recently bought a new Lenovo Ideapad Z500. Then I have encountered this kind of problem: I feel an electric buzzing sensation when using the touchpad cursor and any part nearby the keyboard. In other words, my computer is shocking me electrically. It hurts a lot and freaks me out.  

Paper Tape
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Re: Electric shocks from my laptop Lenovo Ideapad Z500

You have an electrical grounding issue with your computer.  Unless you did something like broke off the ground connector (the longer round piece on US plugs) or are using an adapter to get around not using the ground plug then you have a short circuit within your computer.  In either case you need to shutdown the computer and unplug it until the electrical problem is fixed.  It can change at any time from an "unpleasant buzzing" to you being electrocuted and as a side note your computer fried.


Please get it fixed ASAP!

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Community Moderator
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Re: Electric shocks from my laptop Lenovo Ideapad Z500

Hi Marie,


please see this 'tingling sensation' thread for some more information...



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