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What's DOS?
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Re: FAQ - Small disk "C" and large disk "D"



I purchased my ideapad Y550 in October 2009. I am not even an amateur notebook use. I have an issue, hope you can help. The hard disk was partitioned as D (30 GB) for Lenovo  and C drive (252 GB). C drive has been loaded with program files and all my personal files. everytime I reboot my system, free space is being eaten up and I have about 10 GB of free space left. The size of the program files and my personal files are not more than 30 GB as of now. But the space occupied is about 240 GB in the C drive. What could be the reason?

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Re: FAQ - Small disk "C" and large disk "D"

What's DOS?
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Same problem!

Hello there, I have a Lenovo Y510 and I had the same problems about 6 months ago and I did the file swap and the reduced the shadow size. However recently, the problem has come back again. I have only 400 MB left in my C drive (30 GB).

And now nothing really works. I called Lenovo technical support and they said that they cannot help me ( have extended warranty), in fact the person whom I talked said that I should hit the NOVO button and that will free up the space (yes smart alec) and then I said that there will be the same problem in 6 months when vista will eat up my drive and he suggested hit NOVO again and reinstall all your software.

PLEASE SOMEONE tell me that NOVO is not the only option.

Any suggestions on how can I fix this reoccuring issue?

Thank you and sorry if this post sounds like a rant.



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Re: Same problem!

[ Edited ]

use disk clean, delete all shadow & restore points. if it doesn't help you, there is no solution except a clean install ( using novo )

to fix re-occuring the issue, disable restore points & shadow copies.
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Y510 partition

My mom's laptop has a partition problem. C drive Is full due to the many windows vista updates and we would like to find out how we can fix it without re-formatting the hard drive.  When we bought the the computer, vista was loaded on a small c drive - 29.2 GB - with the operating system and all the window updates I am running out of space to put on any more updates.

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Re: Y510 partition

I have been following blog on this.  But when I try to increase the
C drive by descreasing D, the computer will not permit any change in the C dirve (even with space available).  I have no problems losing NOVO key capacity.  What do do?


Can I eliminate the service partion first?  Will that allow me to expand the C?


Can I restore windows with the backup DVD that came with the computer, if I lose the NOVO key?

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Re: Y510 partition

@ normanhicks


due to different logical drive, you cannot increase c volume and decrease d volume.

you can only make a new volume while shrinking c volume.

( it won't help you to eliminate service partition first )

( it's possible to do that with some applications and with fdisk, but not recommended )



shrink your c volume to new driver and use it.




warning: after resizing your volumes, one key recovery button and dvds won't work.
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Just Partitioning Drive D?


I have Ideapad Y560. I wanted to divide my drive D to 2 partitions. is it possible without harming to onekey recover feature?


and another question: if we use true crypt for encrypting entire c: partition it will install its own boot loader (true crypt boot loader) . in case of reinstalling windows with OKR is it overwrite boot loader too or not?

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Re: Just Partitioning Drive D?

i think you didn't get any clear answer for true crypt. Smiley Happy


if you make any changes on volumes, one key recover will stop working.

but according to the thread somewhere in here, after partitioning volumes, if you make fully backup and update your hidden partition, it may work, but not sure, i haven't tested.
What's DOS?
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Problems with resizing c drive

Hi ,I'm using a Lenovo Z560 laptop which was bought a week back. The hard disk size is 500 GB out of which C drive is 421gb, D(lenovo) drive is 29gb, OEM partition is 14.75gb and another partition(primary and system's) size is 200mb. I would like to store all my personal data in a logical drive. As my C: drive is of 420gb, i would like to resize it and use the space for creating a logical drive. when I tried to resize it, it said that my partition limit is exceeded. How can i resize my 420gb c drive?...Also, Can i delete any of the primary partitions(oem, c, unlabelled) so as to add new logical drive or increase the size of d:/ Thanks in advance
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