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Fanfold Paper
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Fed up with the Z500 and useless graphics configuration

This been the first time i have bought a Lenovo Laptop, i am quickly running out of patience. ( As the same can be said for my Work Colleagues ). Spent most of the Week getting it all setup for work projects to finally find out that every piece of Graphics software i need to use does not work with this Laptop!. After contacting Adobe, Maxon, Autodesk etc they all say my problem points at the Switchable graphics configuration, and the inability to make the GT 635 M the default graphics card.


The problem in paticular is Rendering as the GT635 M is recognized but passes over an error as soon as the application starts to do any serious kind of work. Adobe say's the switchable graphics is changing from Intel to Nvidia constantly ( Going on the Bug reports i sent them ). The only way i have been told is to contact Lenovo help to see if they can come up with a solution, and i might as well have been talking to my Grandma about the problem.


So last chance saloon before i make my way back to swap it over for another brand, is there a way of changing the graphics card at all, either with a bios update or anything?

Paper Tape
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Re: Fed up with the Z500 and useless graphics configuration

I've just bought this same laptop and hope to be using it for Photoshop and Illustrator (yet to install). I had a quick root around the Nvidia setting and noticed it's set by default to auto select between the Nvidia and the intel HD 4000. 


Under manage 3D settings>global settings tab, the preferred graphics processor is set to auto select. I also noticed in the Program settings tab you can set individual programs to run with a specific graphics card.


Under set Physx configuration, it's also set to auto select. I wonder if these settings are of any consequence.


Of course if all this is obvious to you please excuse, I'm new to Win8 and everything is quite strange to me.

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