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Blue Screen Again
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For those with Y510/Y530 laptops that are running way too hot, how to fix.

This should only be done by those who are comfortable working on electronics and computers and I cannot be held responsible for any damage you might do in the process. That being said, this is not exceedingly difficult to do and can make a world of difference in terms of laptop temps.

-Locate the main bottom panel and remove the 4 small screws that hold it in place. A small Phillips head is ideal here.

-Lift the bottom panel up and remove it from the laptop.

-Locate the heatsink and exhaust fan.

-On the edge of the fan facing the heatsink there is a small strip of thin white plastic. This is glued on one side to the fan housing but sits freely on the other side. This covers a gap between the fan and the heatsink and this is where dust gets trapped.

-Using a couple fingers lift the plastic strip up form the unglued side and the being careful not to damage anything use either canned air or tweezers to remove the dust from the space. After I removed the dust that had built up the laptop ran a good 20-30F cooler and no longer had to spin up the fan to high speed at all times.


Once finished reassemble the bottom cover and enjoy your much cooler running laptop. This may or may not make as big a difference if your laptop does not have a discrete graphics card as it does add a lot of heat.

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