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Fanfold Paper
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Y550P Keyboard Not working

Basically whenever I'm playing Starcraft 2 or playing a game on facebook that requires me to type in letters, my keyboard never works. It always types in numbers while I'm playing a game and only in the game.


Outside of the game, I can type fine. However only when I'm playing an actually game of Starcraft 2 or Word Challenge does my keyboard not work and it types in numbers. No matter which letter of the alphabet I type in, it will always go in numerical order from 678901235 or 456780123.


Please help me!

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator
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Re: Y550P Keyboard Not working

jeffsyang wrote:

go to start -> type in msconfig -> enter -> startup -> and uncheck gid desktop application -> restart


does it work?
Serial Port
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Re: Y550P Keyboard Not working

yes it works.

i had the same problem. typing in word

and on the web is fine. I also didn't have

the problem while playing combat arms,

a fps game. However, when i played left

4 dead 2, i was not able to control anything

because everything came out as numbers.

So I just disabled the gid desktop application

and was able to play left 4 dead 2.


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y550P Keyboard Not working

Yeah it works now! But I want to know why it didn't

Paper Tape
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Re: Game keyboard problem

Hey guys.. I just bought my Lenovo y560 this week and within a day i got Mafia 2 and Call of Duty: MW2.. and i was having the same issue as everyone else.. but upon reading everyone's post, I figured running the games/programs as administrator fixes the problem for me. Since I got my laptop this week I couldn't restore to any earlier date but yeah this what works for me and I am sure removing GID from start up also works. But something I wanna share with everyone here..I called lenovo today and talked to them about this issue on the phone.. and the guy i was talking to me told me that I could have some kind of malware in my laptop that’s causing it and since this is not a hardware issue they cannot help me. in order for me to get help for them I have to pay one time fee of $39.99CAD for one time fix. I really found that discouraging. I mean at least they should look into the issue and first figure out whether its something because of us, or something that is out our hands before asking me to pay for the service. It just makes me question if they really care for their customer. I understand a Lenovo staff has been involved now due to this post, but all tech-support personal should be made aware of such problems. If I was told that they are working on this issue, then I would have been glad instead of asking me to pay for the fix. Anyway this is what I feel. Sorry if I offend anyone through my opinion. Thanks to the guys who really came up with ghetto fixes.. good job guys

Serial Port
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Re: Y550P Keyboard Not working

the gid desktop application is actually a really nice security

program. What it does is prevent keyloggers from viewing

your keyboard history. It takes in the letters and saves them as

consecutive numbers so that if your computer is hit with

a keylogger, the viewer only sees consecutive numbers and 

since they are consecutive, their is no pattern to crack the

code. the application might have detected the games

as a fake positive for keyloggers so they made every letter

press a number making the game unplayable.

Smiley Very Happy

Serial Port
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Re: Game keyboard problem

to be honest, if it was only a malware/ virus, it would be the world's easiest thing to fix. if you don't know how to fix it, i'll tell you how. download and install both malwarebytes and avast home edition. Both are free and work very well. I personally have the full version of malwarebytes and the pro version of avast. Just run the programs and delete the stuff they pick up. Voila!

and no offense, 40 dollars for a one-time fix is a pretty good price. go to an actual store, and they would charge you 20 bucks for a diagnosis, and another 30-80 and sometimes even more to fix the problem. customer service reps need money too.

another thing to add. If you actually read this post, you would see that one of the agents told the engineers to look into the problem and work on a permanent fix.
What's DOS?
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Re: Game keyboard problem

I have the same problem on a Y550p

Former Employee
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Re: Game keyboard problem

Hi All,


Engineering has reverted that the Guarded application will no longer be available in the current produced Lenovo laptops therefore the suggested solution for this issue would be to remove or to prevent the application from starting up via the following steps.


Prevent GID application from Starting Up


  1. Click Start
  2. Click Run
  3. Type "msconfig"
  4. Select "Startup" tab
  5. Unchecked GID desktop application
  6. Press OK then reboot laptop.



Uninstall GID Application from Windows


  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Add / Remove Programs
  4. Search for "GID" / "GID Desktop Application
  5. Select the item and select uninstall
  6. Reboot when uninstallaion is done.

Appreciate those who have posted their findings on the thread.





Serial Port
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Re: Game keyboard problem

Thanks for info.Much apreciated.

 Had this Laptop since 8th October.( Y560, 8gb, i7). Problems are same as every one elses.

However, I only have 2 games.

1. Halo CE. Sometimes it'll be fine. Next time Keyboard is totally unresponsive.

2. Urban Terror 4.1 Keys randomly go faulty, but not often.

3.Open Office Spreadsheets, and MS Xcel Spreadsheets became unusable

4. AutoDesk 3ds became unusable.

5. Inkscape randomly ditto.

I never know if a program is going to be workable or not.

On UT 4.1, in frantic gameplay, the screen will suddenly disappear to an icon on the Taskbar. Clicking on the icon restores the game.

While typing this post on this site now, it happened 2x. The second time, whilst typing I nudged the mouse, which made the screen disappear.

If I rest my hand on the LHS solid, blank area, between the touchpad and the audio/ mic jacks, it will trigger a tab on screen to be clicked, if the cursor happens to be on a tab or link.

There seems to be a hesitancy somtimes in key input, so probably is the GuardID program.

There may be a MS problem too, their updates are becoming low - quality.

I purchased this Lenovo, as MS updates totally destroyed my previously good laptop.

As I remember it was DotNet Framework Updates, XP updates, and UAA. All in 1 month.

This is a beautiful keyboard to type on, so GuardID has to go.


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