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What's DOS?
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Geforce GT 740M Lenovo Z510 Shutdown issues

Hey everyone!


I am writing here because everything else failed, and wanted some help before (and hopefully instead of) turning to service.


I have a Lenovo Z510 with Gefore GT 740M video card, and an Intel 4400 HD integrated video card.
When I use the 740M to play any game, my laptop just randomly shuts down, with a 'pop' sound (the sound comes from the laptop itself, not the speakers). With randomly I mean it sometimes takes an hour or two in-game, sometimes it's minutes. I have checked with AIDA64 and its definetly not an overheating issue, and I'm also using a cooling pad. It's probably not the CPU either, because that doesn't overheat while I'm using the laptop. Bear in mind that when I surf the net or watch movies, the problem doesn't occur at all, and when I use specifically the Intel 4400 HD, it doesn't happen either. I did try using my laptop without the power cord being attached to it, and no shutdowns whatsoever.


I searched the interwebz all around and found some forum topics with the same issue mentioned in them. Lenovo Z510s just shutting down without any warning. No solution to them whatsoever, just the usual "return it to service blah blah blah". Some people said that their motherboard or HDD got replaced.

However, I think my problem is with the GPU... while I play a game with the Intel chipset, and the power cord is attached, nothing happens, but when I change to the 740M the laptop shuts down in about usually 30-60 minutes maybe. Once again: this is not an overheating issue.


I tried earlier drivers, and the most recent one, neither of them helped with the issue. I did install the Lenovo Energy Management program. Having it, didn't solve the issue, neither did not having it. I am running Windows 8.1


Somebody help me please!

Paper Tape
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Re: Geforce GT 740M Lenovo Z510 Shutdown issues

Someone can help with this? 

I have the same problem and GPU-Z give me strange graph:


gpu-z chart 1

gpu-z chart 2


I have Windows 10pro 64 bit.

What's DOS?
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Re: Geforce GT 740M Lenovo Z510 Shutdown issues

I have the same problem Smiley Sad
Is there a solution to this problem
please reply Smiley Sad

Paper Tape
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Re: Geforce GT 740M Lenovo Z510 Shutdown issues

I didn't found any solution for this problem. I found good service in Poland and I just sent to them. They said, on the motherboard there was something wrong with voltage controller. 

I paid around 100 euro for new motherboard and issue gone. I also created topics on many forums but I didn't got any feedback. 



I forgot about funny fact about Lenovo service in Poland.When laptop still has guarantee they said its my fault Smiley Frustrated but I really didnt know , how its possible to broke it. 

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