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What's DOS?
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Geforce gtx 960m on laptop lenovo y50 dont turn on while using games

I brough this laptop, install windows 8.1 and update, install all devices (except ge force experiance becouse it made my computer blue screens even wile pressing FN+X to open managment devices r computer folder, even while writing password to log in to computer) resolution is ONLY 1920-1000 and ge force gtx 960m after instaling devices show in managment devices but it DOSNT turn on while turning on games like Tomb raider from 2013, l4d2, witcher 2 (well it does turn on witcher 2 only in but games fps are like 200+). Everything turn on Intel HD gra[hics 4600. I had laptop without windows ardy in. There is NO option when i right click on game to turn on by geforce gtx960m (even with nvidia experiance i manage to open it didnt show me option to support those games, while on website it write it does (expect witcher 2) I buy this laptop 3 weeks ago and still cant play anything -.-

What's DOS?
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Re: Geforce gtx 960m on laptop lenovo y50 dont turn on while using games

Huh. Surprised this hasn't been answered. I'll take a crack at it, though I'm still using a Lenovo y50 with a gtx 860m.

You state that you've attempted to use the gtx 960m by right-clicking on the game (icon?) and that you've looked for the option in nvidia experience.

Have you tried navigating the NVidia Control Panel? Google that, and good luck. I'm surprised and disappointed no one on these boards answered your questions. I hope you went direct to Lenovo support after you left this post, and that they helped you resolve your problem, they've been helpful for me in the past.

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