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Paper Tape
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Graphics Driver fails when HDMI connected

Lenovo Ideapad Y450-4189


I was hoping this was a software issue,  but I'm starting to think it isn't. When I bought the computer in September 2009 I tried hooking up my TV via HDMI only to have the graphics driver fail and then recover itself. This happened repeatedly until I disconnected the TV or the computer just froze. This was under Vista x64 SP2. I thought updating the driver might solve my problem. I used the one from the support site. No change. I used Intel's driver update site. Still no change. I figured Vista just sucks. I never tried the HDMI again until now. I've upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium x64. Updated all the video and audio drivers. Plugged in my TV and what would you know, the graphics driver failed again.


Lets say this is a hardware problem, how does an individual get service on a product? It was bought in the USA and I still live in the USA.


Thank you in advance.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Graphics Driver fails when HDMI connected

Try connecting the HDMI cable with the laptop power off.  Then boot the machine.


I've heard that you cannot hot swap the HDMI cable.  I have no physical proof, but I read that somewhere.

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