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Paper Tape
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HELP!!! spilled water on my Ideapad y510!!! :(:(

Hey all, yesterday i accidently spilled some water on my labtop, it was just a small amount on the bottom left side of my keyboard, near the [shift] key, probably less than 10ml, so i didnt think it would be a big problem, after using it for awhile the keyboard started messing up, press a would give me qw1 and most of the keys near [shift] is messed up....


i took out the battery and stood the labtop in a upside down v to hopefully drain the water out, and used a hairdryer to attempt to dry it, well i just tried opening it again today, and the keyboard is still messed up, but it started up fine and seems to be OK...


what should i do now? i dont even know if i have lenovo warrenty, i brought this labtop 2 years ago at tigerdirect and im pretty sure we didnt get any warrenty back then... is this a common problem? what are the fixes? how much am i looking to pay for this?

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Re: HELP!!! spilled water on my Ideapad y510!!! :(:(

backup all your data immediately. it took my dads laptop 2 weeks to die after he spilt water on it, but he spilt enough to make a sizzling noise. despite my warnings he did not backup and i had to recover his **bleep** for him.

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