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Paper Tape
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Hard drive failed

The hard drive failed on my daughter's y500 notebook - one year after purchase.  By the time she contacted Lenovo it was one year and four days since purchase - so the warranty had expired.  They offered an extended warranty, but no guarantee that whatever was wrong would be covered.  We decided that was too much of a gamble - since we would be out the cost of the warranty whether the laptop was fixable or not. (We did not know at that time that the hard drive had failed.)   We took the notebook to a local repair person.  He found the hard drive had failed and installed a new one.  He's asked for the recovery CD, which we don't have, since the laptop came with One Touch Recovery.   How can we get a copy of the preinstalled OS (Vista ) and software?  We hesitate to call Lenovo support, since when my son-in-law called and they offered to sell him the extended warranty, which he refused, they told him he would be charged for the next call to support...


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Hard drive failed

if the Hard drive carshed there is no way of creating a recovery DVD's. Recovery DVD must create onece got teh computer. recovery DVD in teh same Hard Disk but different partation. you can order your from Lenove $45

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