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Has my Ideapad Y550 been 'tampered with' before I purchased it?

Hi, I hope someone can be of help here. Yesterday I bought a 'new' Ideapad from the distributer here in Nepal. I was told their stock was from Singapore and that it was for the Indian market. Unfortunately the product was on display so it was out of the box already but I could see that it was not used at all (no dust etc).


On returning home I immediately went to update the vista installation and had a problem with one of the patches from microsoft. i managed to fix the problem by running the console and clearing the update cache, but the MS help said that the error was due to a corruption of data that was probably caused by a botched repartitioning. (


I found this depressing from a brand new computer out of the box. Is it really expected for users to have to run console commands on first start up? 


I wanted to see why this was so and I looked in 'recent items' to see if there was any evidence that someone had reformatted or partitioned the drive AFTER it had left Lenovo. I found 2 files in 'Recent Items' and were now deleted:



2/ backup.wsi


I believe epmpro to be a partitioning tool. So, my question is whether Lenovo ships laptops with epmprodemo installed *and* deleted?! Or has someone else repartitioned the drive AFTER Lenovo shipped it. (I should also note that the documentation says that Norton Antivirus is preinstalled but the Norton folder in the start menu is empty. Probably nothing wrong here but still dubious.)


Is this corruption of data that caused the vista update error a common and known issue with the ideapad y450?


I am getting the feeling this could be a refurb (the chassis is new) or that someone has used the laptop and then repartitioned it . If epmpro is NOT installed by Lenovo before shipping then I think we can be sure that I have been lied to: this is not a new computer.


Please someone tell me if epmpro was on their computer when they bought it fresh in the box. Any light that could be shed on this from any of you in any way would be appreciated so I can exchange asap. There might be valid reasons for all of this, but I'm sure you understand why I'm asking.


many thanks.


(I just read a FAQ regarding partitioning here and i think I should add that my drives were partioned into 3: C: 60gb; E: 112 and E:111Gb. Is this normal or does Lenovo ship with only C and D partitions?)


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Re: Has my Ideapad Y550 been 'tampered with' before I purchased it?

epmprodemo is Easeus Disk Partition Demo - this is third-party partitioning tool.

It's good but it is never used by Lenovo (especially how do you imagine such a huge company to use DEMO tools?) as far as I know, so your "brand new laptop" is not that new - someone already used it.

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Re: Has my Ideapad Y550 been 'tampered with' before I purchased it?

Thanks for your reply.


Yes they have replaced the unit this morning. I'd have to assume someone in the shop had at one point used the laptop, then reformatted the drives to try to clear evidence. They goofed the partitioning and 'Recent Items' gave them away. Maybe an innocent act, maybe not - it's resolved now anyway so no harm done. Let's hope now for at least a few months of trouble-free operation. ;P

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