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Punch Card
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Having lots of freezes and crashes - SSD failure imminent? (on IdeaPad y510p)

Hi all,


Three years ago I replaced my y510p's hard drive with this SSD.


(Ik this is not a Lenovo product, but hear me out). I've been having some strange issues with my laptop in the past half year, including random BSODs, freezes, and crashes. Sometimes I'd start up the computer and all of a sudden the screen would go black, with just the cursor showing (and it was huge and unmovable), so I'd have to force restart. A couple months ago I started getting massive lag spikes trying to play a video game and in the past week or two, games crash unexpectedly after 10-20 mins of gameplay.


Now, this has always seemed like something being wrong with the GPUs to me (I believe they are SLI'd GT755s or 780s). I've had plenty of graphics issues related to NVIDIA rolling out bad drivers, etc.


However, on doing a Lenovo hardware scan, I got a WARNING result for the SMART Short Self Test of my SSD, which is my main drive holding Windows and many of my programs. This is my result code: WHD400000-DN7Z5J. I can't find anything online about what it means and the Lenovo app isn't telling me what it means, so could it be that the SSD is behind the freezing and crashes? I did some research and many people are complaining about this SSD suddenly dying, and supposedly the SMART Short Self Test failing/warning means imminent failure. Given I have about 3 or 4 weeks of warranty left, I'd like to see if its an SSD issue or I need a completely new computer.


EDIT: Attached the hardware scan data -- everything else seems to check out!

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Re: Having lots of freezes and crashes - SSD failure imminent? (on IdeaPad y510p)

I don't think you could ever experience an SSD failure because of time usage. If it's the SSD, then it was a faulty one, but it's weird because SSD's, I guess, don't fail just like that. That's a guess though.


You can do a very simple thing: use another SSD or hardrive for a week or so and check if it happens again. I had HUGE problems with the 1TB HDD + 24GB M.2 SSD cache, and I had to remove the 24GB SSD. Now I'm using a Samsung EVO 850 500GB and it works like a charm, not having freezes at all, everything works just fine. This solution is perfect since you won't lose anything.


The last 2 drivers from nVIDIA for the GT 755M create BSOD's and freezes, but you said it's been happening for months, so it can't be the new drivers then.

Lenovo Y510P: Windows 10 x64, i7-4700MQ, nVIDIA GT755M, 15.6" Full HD, 500GB SSD, 16GB RAM
Punch Card
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Re: Having lots of freezes and crashes - SSD failure imminent? (on IdeaPad y510p)

Thanks for the help! I ended up doing a SMART test with Crucial software and it found no problem, so I ruled that out. Ran CHKDSK and a memory test as well. In the end, I think a lot of the crashes were coming down to something corrupt in Windows that CHKDSK fix. As for the game crashes, that was caused by an incompatibility between the games a Windows service called TabletInputService, which I have since permanently deactivated. At least the SSD is not failing! It says its only 5% through its lifetime at any rate. 


I had huge problems with the 24GB m.2 drive as well, especially when I originally tried to clone my PC when installing the new SSD. I might try that if any more problems arise. Thanks!

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