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Punch Card
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Help!!! Data recovery from rapid drive b.s.

I have an emergency.


I need to know how to recover data from the SSD and HD. My regular method of plugging the drive into an external case is not working.


I had a power failure while the battery was out and now windows will not start, and startup recovery fails. I can't repair with the Windows 7 disk as it does not see an operating system.


Btw, what is stored on the SSD besides the OS? Would stuff that was on my desktop be on the SSD or HD?


I have an entire website I was completing that is on there, that I desperately need. I tried on XP and it sees the drive as EISA and I cannot access it. I have tried on my MAC, it wont read. If i try on another windows 7 system, will it read the HD?


I don't care about saving the OS, I just need my files!!!


Anyone with an idea or a solution? Thanks!!!!


EDIT: I do not have the recovery disks, its a fresh install.

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Re: Help!!! Data recovery from rapid drive b.s.

you should be able to access your files unless they are not under folders that are protected by windows itself ( users, windows, program files etc )

when you see lenovo logo at start-up, press f8 to load "safe mode" or "known last good configuration"
Punch Card
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Re: Help!!! Data recovery from rapid drive b.s.

Edit: Sorry for the long a*s post.. I'm sort of known for that... I'm delirious too, so I hope it makes sense...Smiley Tongue


Hello Yigit, I appreciate you taking the time to help out. I understand safe mode, and system restore well. I am just new to Rapid drive technology. I know this is what is stopping me from recovering my data. Btw, you can access all files and folders, protected and otherwise, simply by taking ownership of the drive. That's what I have done to save my files for years, I was hoping that would work this time as well. I was just curious what was stored on the SSD besides the OS. Is the User folder on this SSD or the HDD?

Safe mode I've tried. It starts to load, and then just runs windows startup repair again. I let startup repair run and it fails.


Windows System restore, that's another story. I am the type to shut off system restore. I've done it this way forever and never have I lost data. However, I don't recommend it for your average user. I am just not the type to do "one-click" anything.  If my system was that bad, I would just use my external HDD case to save my files and do a fresh install. Normally booting issues are a simple fix using the cmd prompt, but Rapid drive is a totally different animal. I never have crashing computers that I can't fix in safe mode anyway..Until now, thanks Rapid drive!, ooh what 10 second boot times? That's like microwaving a pop tart. I think I'd rather spare 20 seconds and keep my data thank you.

I can tell you if there is no data recovery method for Rapid drive, SSD or HDD, besides one-key recovery, and windows system restore, I'm going back to a traditional disk setup. At least it had a failsafe. In that you can just pop it into an external case and save your files, that is the "nuclear option" in my book. I have multiple computers in this house and none of them will allow me access to this HDD to save the files. Granted, I still haven't tried it on another Windows 7 comp. So all this writing could be for nothing, but I digress...

I can't even repair the installation with the windows 7 disk. Setup does not see a previously installed OS to repair. I swear unless you split the SSD and HDD drives first within windows, the Rapid drive partition is a ghost to the windows 7 disk.


Side note:

When I was fooling around with this laptop "Y570", trying to understand Rapid drive, I ran into this issue. However I didn't have any data I needed saving. I finally figured out on my own (lack of documentation from Lenovo, and on the web) how to reinstall Windows 7 on a Rapid drive system without having to split the drives first. I simply used an XP disc to do the formatting. However this is a destructive method, and just simply allows you to access the partitions separately, so you can format them. That is not an option for me now as I need to recover files.

Im going to install Windows 7 on another hard drive later tonight and then see if it will read this HDD.

My bad If I've only confused anyone reading this, more. I've been up all night dealing with this, and freaking out. I am a little delirious. I am about to leave for work as well, and I wont be able to respond until this evening.


In summery, The HDD still has the Rapid drive partitioning scheme on it. I just want to recover the data? Who has actually done this? What's the "nuclear option" for data recovery on this Rapid drive EISA partitioned HDD and or SSD?

That has to be something Lenovo prepared for. They couldn't expect people to keep all that bloatware, and not do a fresh install down the road. Where is all the documentation for Rapid drive?? When I simply wanted to do a fresh install the first time. I had to dig to find out how. If I didn't have the wherewithal to research first, I wouldn't have even known you had to split the drives before you reinstalled.

Anyone who understands Rapid drive HDD/SSD data recovery, please chime in, but I appreciate all input as well!

While I wrote this, I kept thinking...
"the files..They're in, the computer...?" -Hansel "Zoolander"


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Retired SuperMod
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Re: Help!!! Data recovery from rapid drive b.s.

I don't have a system at hand configured with rapid drive, but one thing I would certainly do, in order to take a look see what's there, is to boot from a current linux live cd.


Maybe you could give it a go and let us know how you get on?



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Punch Card
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Re: Help!!! Data recovery from rapid drive b.s.

Hey Andy,


That was on my troubleshooting list. I'm installing windows 7 on another drive right now, I will give the live cd a try after....



I just found this thread


So it looks like I may have no luck accessing the drive through windows 7.


Seriously, Lenovo, what is the solution for this scenario? This is your beast. You require people to use the Rapiddrive Tool to split the drives before they reinstall. Well what if they didn't have an opportunity to? And startup repair doesn't work? How are they suppose to get there data? If you tell me there is no solution, I would say that Rapid drive is actually unsafe to use. Like I said before, I would much rather have a failsafe for my data, then a very slight speed increase.


Trying Linux now...



I just found this


so Linux may work, I will post back if I have any luck...

Punch Card
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Re: Help!!! Data recovery from rapid drive b.s.

So I tried on windows 7, it sees the partition in disk management, but I can't access it through explorer.


Just tried with Knoppix Live CD, didn't even recognize the drive. I tried to access it internally and in my external case....nothing.


I need to know what to do Lenovo. I wouldn't be having this problem if it weren't for this Rapid drive tech.


I found yet another person with this exact same issue and it seems like Lenovo doesn't have a clue what to tell its customers.


I am about to blow the lid off this Rapid drive crap. It's a good idea, but not completely thought through. If I lose my data, I will be making a huge stink about this.


So Lenovo, its your move, how do I access my data?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Help!!! Data recovery from rapid drive b.s.

I had the same problem with my Y560. My question is I pulled the 2 drives out and placed a 7200rpm drive in place, I then replaced the Samsung 32gb msata back into the original slot. Wham! no msata drive ..not to be found . My question is how do I get the SSD to be recognized or re intialized. I would like to take the suggestion to use them as 2 seperate hard drives. Thanks in advance for any responses

What's DOS?
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Re: Help!!! Data recovery from rapid drive b.s.



I faced the similar situation. the best solution is to use third party application. Stellar data recovery application tool recovetrs data lost from every kind of storage medium in almost all data loss situations.


All theBest.

What's DOS?
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Re: Help!!! Data recovery from rapid drive b.s.

I was able to recover data off it manually. You can read how i did it on my blog:

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Re: Help!!! Data recovery from rapid drive b.s.

Perhaps one of the mods can confirm this, but I thought RapidDrive was pulled due to issues? From the RapidDrive removal tool:


Lenovo has discovered issues with RapidDrive Advanced software that may result
  in files being moved from one drive to another drive without permission or
  knowledge. As a result, Lenovo recommends uninstalling the RapidDrive Advanced
  software at this time. Lenovo has provided this tool to help you uninstall the
  RapidDrive Advanced.

  If the RapidDrive Advanced is installed in your system, the tool confirms if
  the RapidDrive Advanced has been activated or not. If not activated, the tool
  uninstalls the RapidDrive Advanced. If activated, the tool guides you to
  Lenovo users' forums for more information.

  The tool does not affect any system without RapidDrive Advanced installed.

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