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Paper Tape
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Help to choose!!!!

I have a question?? I am going to start junior year and i need a good quality laptop i want one for at least 3 years! I want one for gaming , school and multimedia... Should i buy the Lenovo Y570 or should i wait for the Lenovo Y580 my budget is 

900 dollars! Thans! Smiley Very Happy

Or wich one would you recomend!  

Punch Card
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Re: Help to choose!!!!

Well obviously you aren't very subtle with your intentions.  If your really intending on buying a laptop for schoolwork, you might as well buy a $100 laptop.  Multimedia-wise?  Similar response.  However with gaming, it's kinda tricky.  The y570 is powerful and a great laptop, especially with a high-end graphics card of the nvidia 555 gtm.  This lappy can run all games on high settings (most that I know of, Witcher 2 or Mirror's Edge, not so sure).  However, with my y570, it's having some graphics problems with some games.  Crysis 2 has been somewhat a catastrophe (a legit copy), and due to the heating issues, the graphics card is never used to its full potential.  Games like GTA IV and LA Noire will be able to run, but will somewhat be slower than expected.  Don't be alarmed though, its just that there are some heating problems.  The laptop can run them smooth at a good fps.  So being a high end laptop graphics card, there are some flaws, but the y570 is a good purchase.  Plus, even if you wait til the 580 comes out, I doubt it will be around $900.  It will be noticably larger.  If your not the heavy gamer, this laptop is perfect.  LoL, Starcraft 2, WoW, SWTOR, all these not so high graphical games will run at a crisp fps.  So my recommendation, if your budget will stay $900 til the 580 comes out, then you should just buy this one.

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