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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎11-20-2011
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Accepted Solution

Help with Z570 driver installation

Hi I have the following questions regarding the installation of drivers on my newly purchased Lenovo Ideapad Z570 (59-307654) from the provided driver DVD -


(I purchased by laptop without the OS installed, and manually installed Windows 7 Professional x64)


1. Under 'Display Adapter Driver install (UMA and Discrete)', how do I decide which driver too install (UMA or Discrete) or both?


2. I installed all the Wireless LAN drivers available on the disc, but only the third driver (Broadcom Wifi) was able to connect to the adapter. Now I am unable to uninstall the other two drivers (Intel Wifi and Atheros Wifi) using the Control Panel uninstall tool. How do I remove these two drivers, or do I need to keep them?

3. The CD gives 4 different camera drivers (Bison, Chicony, Lineon and Lineon New). How do I figure out which one supports my laptop's camera?


4. When I'd spoken to a customer support representative earlier, he told me that the One-key recovery system doesn't work when you don't buy the operating system bundled with the system. Is this true? I didnt install the 'OneKey Recovery' and 'OneKey Theater' drivers provided on the driver disc, do I need to?


I'd really appreciate any responses and support.


Thanks and warm regards.

Community Moderator
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Re: Help with Z570 driver installation

Hi shailesht,


you'll find exact parts information in "Product Configuration" page...

just need to fill in 'country/region' and 'serial number' of your Z570 machine,


good Luck... Zehn


What's DOS?
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Re: Help with Z570 driver installation

Hi shailesht, did you managed to find answers to your questions?

I have the same questions and the link provided by Zehnsteine doesn't help. I can't get any parts informations from there when enter the SN.
Please help if you have solved it.
Thank you.
Community Moderator
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Registered: ‎08-28-2011
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Re: Help with Z570 driver installation

[ Edited ]

Hi Aadi,


you should see a Parts information list like this below of my Y560p...


and look up in Lenovo Z370/Z470/Z570 Hardware Maintenance Manual V1.0...


Z570 drivers...





Parts information Quantity
  Liteon PA-1121-04 19.5V 6.15Aadapter [1]
  AUO B156XW02 V2 HD G LED1 NB LCD [1]
  Y460&Y560 Sanyo L09S6D16 3S2P 57Wh BTY [1]
  KL3F MB CAP/1G WO/3G 31KL3MB00Q/R0 [1]
  HLDS GT33N Tray in Rambo ODD [1]
  Longwell LP-30B+SPT-2 18AWG+LS-18 1 Meter powercord [1]
  KL3 FAN ASSY 45W (84.6*86.6*10.5)SOL [1]
  Intel I7-2630QM 2.0G 6M 4c D2 PGA CPU [1]
  Cbt AR9285 HB95 BGN MOW NB WLAN [1]
  Fcn BCM92070 BT2.1 EDR Flash U NB BT [1]
  SAM M471B5273CH0-CH9 DDR3 1333 4GBRAM [1]
  WD WD7500BPVT-24HXZT1 5400RPM 750G HDD [1]