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High disk usage, cpu usage Lenovo y50-70



In November I purchased a new Lenovo Y50. It's the non-touch 1080p version with the GTX960m. Recently, I've had issues with the fans spinning up while the laptop is idle. I opened task manager, and there are random spikes of 100% disk usage on startup and sometimes when I leave the machine idle or I'm using Chrome. Recently, I've noticed strange spikes in CPU usage too, with occasional bouts of 20% usage for seemingly no reason. 


I contacted support, and they weren't able to find any issues, but had me install Lenovo Solution Center and do a full run of the tests, which didn't find anything wrong. They also had me disable all non essential startup programs and see if the problem happened again, and it does. However, cpu and disk temperatures were normal, so I was told to just monitor the problem and see if anything changes. 



My system's definitely not functioning properly. Startup is notably slow considering it has the 8gb ssd and I never had issues with the fans coming on when I first got it. I've heard that there are issues with the hybrid 8gb ssd/1 tb hdd, so I need some input on this.


Why is this happening? Is it a hardware issue? Firmware? My case number is 8006295558. I would greatly appreciate some help from a rep or anyone who can give me a hand with the issue. 

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