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Paper Tape
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Hinge on Lenovo y40-70 screen coming undone

I have been having a problem with my Y40-70 which has been getting worse.  The hinge on the left side of the screen lid has been coming undone.  I can click it pack into place while it is closed, but the moment I move the screen, it snaps out of shape again.  This is also affecting the screen itself, as the plastic pieces have begun to separate due to the warping.  I have some photos to illustrate the issue:


Hopefully these pictures will help demonstrate the issue.  The problem has been getting worse with repeated wear.  What is the best solution to fix this?  Is it something I can do myself?  Thank you for any help and advice offered.


EDIT:  Photolinks didn't work, but I think I've fixed the issue now.

Bit Torrent
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Re: Hinge on Lenovo y40-70 screen coming undone

The hinge sadly is held on only by glue (poor design), which appears to be coming undone.    This seems to be a common issue on that model as there are many on the web facing the same problem, so there are many videos of how to open the computer, and gain accesss to the hinge so you can re-glue the hinge

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