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What's DOS?
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Hover to Select and other issues with my new y560p

I just got my Y560p a few days ago and it's very nice but I think I might kind of hate it.


The number one thing I hate about it is the "hover to select" feature. This is my first non-Mac computer so I'm completely unaccustomed to this feature but it seems like the stupidest idea anyone ever came up with and I can't for the life of me figure out how to shut it off.


If you don't know what I mean, it's the feature whereby if you leave the arrow hanging out too long anywhere on the screen, it just clicks it. Thus, you're trying to do something and the stupid computer is clicking you all over the place. It's incredibly annoying.


I can't believe how intrusive everything is. If I delete the Veriface program can I download it later if I want it? Why won't it let me delete the Smile dock? Why are website that aren't supposed to have ads suddenly covered in advertisements? I really don't understand this stupid computer at all.


EDIT: The ads were from the Hotspot Shield bloatware and the app and the ads are now gone.

Serial Port
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Re: Hover to Select and other issues with my new y560p

hey ama only answer you for veriface , yes u  can download it later i did that and it works .
what smle dock i odnt have anythn like that mine is y560p too ! and delete that antivirus came with u can download microsoft essential security its rly good and not annoying at all it just need update thats it , i hope that helps

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