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How can I return my Lenovo Y510P? I am done with this wireless



I purchased my Lenovo Y510P in March off Amazon and out of the box, the wireless N 2230 card was awful - constant dropping, internet was slow, connecting to my home wireless router was a pain in the ass.  However, I made do with it because when it was working the Y510P was a nice machine.  


I am now DONE with this wireless card. I have troubleshooted every single fix I could find and nothing helps, if anything it has made it worse.  I am flying weekly now for my new job, and this laptop has turned into a desktop because I can't use airport or airplane internet BECAUSE MY LAPTOP WILL NOT CONNECT TO ANYTHING! 


I am fed up. How can I go about returning this laptop? I purchased through Amazon and I bought a warranty from Squaretrade.  





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Re: How can I return my Lenovo Y510P? I am done with this wireless

Just get a modified bios from Google search and swap to asus WiFi card that I have. Zero problems at all.
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Re: How can I return my Lenovo Y510P? I am done with this wireless

Did you try doing a Windows reinstall from the Recovery menu in PC Settings? I remember mine keept having that problem also and with the "Limited connection" message. So I reinstalled windows then left it to update (without getting any driver updates from lenovo site). After the updates finished i got the 8.1 Windows to upgrade and did the same thing after it was done, leting windows updates do it's thing.


Also maybe this will be usefull to you:

(Not saying these will work, but maybe it will help you figure the problem)


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Re: How can I return my Lenovo Y510P? I am done with this wireless

I would also probably go with modifying the BIOS and switching the Wifi card.

Trying updating Windows to the latest version and all drivers as well.


Since you bought this from Amazon, 30 day return period is over with them. Lenovo also only accepts returns within 30 days of purchase.

Your only option to return is to try to talk to a rep and explain your problem, maybe they can either replace your laptop or the Wifi card. You can also try escalating the problem with a manager.

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