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Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: How do I enable booting from CD/DVD and USB drives?

Paper Tape
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Re: How do I enable booting from CD/DVD and USB drives?

Right guys ive got lenovo z50-70 laptop i updated bios on lenovo website saying there was a update so i did the update.

Since the update the boot up has gone really slow 3 hrs to come on the power light came on u can here the hard drive and fan.

So what i did was formatted the hard drive to wipe everything off it then tried putting it back in laptop to reinstall windows 8.1 64bit again now its still taking hours to boot. Now comes up efi network 0 for ipv4 boot failed then i pressed enter 

now getting  two efi network on boot menu no hard drive option or usb just efi network pressed one of them no media insert media and try again but unable to read hard drive with windows 8.1 windows tool on even usb not reading.

Then after no media comes up a no bootable device restart system.

I have tried the hard drive with the windows 8.1 on the drive with another laptop which reads and running the install but not on lenovo z50-70 takes over 3hrs to boot then says checkin media then comes up as efi network failed on boot novo  button not working neither. 

Paper Tape
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Re: How do I enable booting from CD/DVD and USB drives?

I get 1962 error when I try to boot from cd. I saved an image of hard drive with acronis (vhd) and took out hard drive already set up for use and put in SSD and BIOS wont recognize any drives, cd/dvd or others. I am on a Lenovo M710s i5. Currently Secure Boot is disabled, CSM enabled, Boot Mode Legacy First. I have also tried many variations of this set up with no luck. Can't get past this  error unless I put in HDD and take out SSD. 

What's DOS?
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Re: How do I enable booting from CD/DVD and USB drives?

I changed the boot menu to Legacy but it did not boot from disk, it went straight into an endless loop, not allowing back into BIOS, saying no operating system found, automatically repeating boot secquence. What do I do??

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