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How do I enable the numlock function on the Y400?


I'm a new owner of a Y400 and overall, I am very pleased so far with the performance of this computer.  It has many earmarks of a well-conceived design for its category of computer.


That said, while recently trying to type alt codes in my word processor so I can produce special characters (e.g. so that  I can type 'resumé' instead of 'resume'), it appears that Lenovo didn't see fit to include the ability to: 


  • enable num lock or 
  • give access to an alternative numeric keypad by doubling up keys using the FN key (on other laptops of comprable size, the keys that do double duty for a numeric keypad are 789uiojklm)

I did some research online and found this article: http://fsymbols.com/keyboard/windows/alt-codes/laptop/

've been really hoping that something in that article will enable me to be able to use alt codes as needed without the need for an external usb numeric keypad but I haven't been able to get any of it to work on the Y400 yet. 


To enable the numlock function in the Y400, search for on-screen keyboard in Start.

Then, click on Options >>Enable Numeric Pad>>ok



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