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How do you disable Hyperthreading on Y550P?


Some games are supposed to run better under a quad core vs hyperthreading enabled (virtual 8 core) configuration of processors like the i7 in some models of Y550p.  I can't find an option in BIOS to disable hyperthreading, so is there another way to temporarily disable this feature?



Hyperthreading can be disabled through the OS, and renabled subsequently by reversing the change outlined in the following proceedure. 


Start > type "msconfig" > Press "enter"

Go to "Boot" tab

Click "Advanced Options"

Check "Number of processors" and set the value to 4.

Next time you restart your machine, windows will only recognize 4 cores. These 4 cores will be the physical ones, instead of 2 physical cores with 2 threads each. Therefore you will have the same experience as if you disabled hyperthreading from BIOS.

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guyz92 On 2012-07-11, 9:04 AM

This does not work at all.



Example a Core i7 2670QM, if set to 4 on msconfig, it will be running as 2 core 4 thread.

it become running 2 Core 4 thread.


Only the BIOS have the right to make this kind of hardware modification.

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