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How many partitions does a Lenovo Y560 have?


I have the y560 0646 model with an i7 740qm and 8gigs of RAM. I was wondering in factory form how many partitions the HDD has. i thought it was just 2 but I recently noticed two more smaller partitions and wanted to know if this was normal, as I have not partitioned anything myself.


Here are my partitions:


Partition 0

Size 200 MB


partition 1

size 551 GB


partition 2

size 30.6 GB


partition 3

size 14.7 GB


Also, only partition 1 and 2 come up as NTFS


Is this normal, and what partition 0 and 3 for? 



This is a normal configuration.


A forummer had this:

Windows Boot Partition 200 MB


Windows System Partition appr. 550 GB


driver partition appr. 30 GB


OEM Partition



Reminder: Do be careful that your warranty may be affected when moving partitions. OEM Patition is absolutely necessary in order to use the OneKey Recovery feature. OS is preloaded, and could be lost.


Make sure you create recovery discs before attempting any alterations.




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