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How to do System Recovery on Lenovo z580

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Started ‎10-25-2012 by
Modified ‎10-25-2012 by


I own a Z580 and I'm attempting to do a factory rest on it. However I'm not particuclary how to. Is it easy to perform one or will I have o send it into the service centre for this?


 You will need to follow the steps below.


1. Backup all your data in C: drive.


2. Shut down the computer.


3. Remove any external media except the charger.


4. After removing, Press the small button with a 'up to down' near the power button.


5. The normal BIOS screen would occur and then the "windows is loading files" would show. Wait till it boots.


6. After booting, click the 2nd option which says "Onekey Recovery"


7. Then tick initial backup and click next. Two prompts would occur. Answer accordingly.


8. Now recovery would start


By now your machine should be back to the factory defaults.