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How to overclock/underclock? Is it under warranty???


I want to overclock and underclock my IdeaPad 460. While doing nomal work i want to decrease its temprature so that it remains relatively cool and while playing games i want to overclock it. I'll be using a cooling pad with oveclocking. How to do this??


Is Overclocking and Underclocking covered under warranty.


Also, How to use Intel Turbo Boost Technology with my Laptop?



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Re: How to overclock/underclock? Is it under warranty???

if you process overclock & underclock, lenovo warranty will be no longer valid. ( void warranty )
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Re: How to overclock/underclock? Is it under warranty???

In my knowledge you are talking about power management, and it is done automaticaly on your computer. For example, while you run 3d game and you have you GPU active, fan will run and battery will drain very fast.

While you proceed with internet brovsing, or movies watching, you may disable GPU, and use embeded intel graphics accelerator.. but anyway, your procesor and GPU will use less power, and battery will last for much longer.


In addition you may set profiles in power management - you may set CPU usage as well - and use profiles while performing certain tasks.


For overclocking your GPU you may want to google it, as 'there' are many posts on topic specific forums.


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