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Registered: ‎04-12-2011
Location: Pa,USA
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How to reformat hard drive after installing 80gb intel mSata

I could use some help with reformating my 500gm hard drive after installing new 80gm mSata SSD. I want to eliminate the factory pations so it shows up as 1 drive that I can use to store files and run games from. I tried to do a reformat but it still shows the drive formated into 2 drives one being empty and the other having about 199mb taken up.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Registered: ‎09-11-2011
Location: Florida

Re: How to reformat hard drive after installing 80gb intel mSata

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hey, I can help you with this since I've done it before. 


first thing you will need to do is burn a recovery disc, use onekey recovery that comes pre-installed on you're lenovo, you will find there is an option to burn a factory reset recovery disc. 


make sure you back up anything important on you're hard drive like music, pictures, etc.


there should be a folder named lenovo under C:, in it you will find a folder named drivers and a folder named applications, burn them on a cd, you will need  to install them on you're computer once you have re-installed windows. 


if you have a copy of windows on a cd, put it in you're disc drive, restart windows, press f12, select boot from cd.


delete you're old partitions and create a new one or however many you need, re-install windows on whichever partition you like (maybe you want it on the SSD so it boots up faster? I dunno). 


you can get windows from the microsoft web-page and burn it on a cd if you don't yet have a cd. use the windows product key on the bottom of you're laptop to activate it. 


don't forget to re-install drivers from the lenovo drivers and application backup cd you made! otherwise, you're computer will not run correctly. You can decide whether you want to install the applications again, but drivers need to be installed. drivers are also available on lenovo support under drivers.


edit: if you have already done this, remember that windows creates a partition for windows to run out of, so you will always have a small partitions seperate from you're main partition. 199mb sounds about the size of that partition. don't try to delete it!

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Posts: 85
Registered: ‎04-12-2011
Location: Pa,USA

Re: How to reformat hard drive after installing 80gb intel mSata

Hello hziegle1,

Hey thanks so much for your help on this issue. Its great when others such as yourself takes the time to help someone with a problem they have had them selves As of this post I think I have my problem resolved Smiley Happy