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How to replace the hinges for Y510 / Y530?


How do I replace the Y510 / Y530 hinges myself?



This article should help the reader replace hinges on the Y510 and Y530 models of IdeaPad.  Mechanically, the systems are very similar.  This article is a community generated article as the IdeaPads are not intended for self service.  Lenovo does not officially recommend this proceedure - perform at your own risk.
Replacement hinges and a lower system cover (if corners are cracked / screw locations broken) may be sourced from Lenovo spare parts.  Here is the link to the Y530 parts page - use these for both Y510 and Y530.  Some users may elect to source parts from ebay or other non-Lenovo sources.



Do take note of the location of screws removed from the particular location. I recommend to take pictures of the screw location when you remove the screws then seperate and lable them with the pictures.



 1. Shutdown -> unplug from AC -> remove battery.
 2. Use a flathead screwdriver and slide it into a small slot above F2 & F3 buttons on the keyboard. Lift it up enough and  pull the plastic cover up gently. (pic below)



 3. Gently lift up the keyboard starting with the left side of the keyboard, there will be a tight resistance at the side therefore becareful not to bent the keyboard. (pic below)




 4. Once the keyboard has been lifted up, there is a keyboard ribbon located behind the lower center of the keyboard therefore do not fully remove the keyboard until you have release the ribbon first. Therefore lift your keyboard to a 45 degree angle and use a pair of tweezers to release both the white plastic tabs of both sides of the bracket. (push it outwards from the bracket).




 5. Once the keyboard is removed, remove the phillips screw on the lower left side.




6. Once the phillips screws has been removed, you would then need to remove 3 other cables.


a) Remove the blue ribbon.




b) Remove the cable with white connector (3 wires)




c) Remove the white ribbon




 7. Once all 3 cables has been removed, turn the laptop over so the bottom is facing up and remove all screws which are marked A, B, C and D. Once that is done, remove the hard disk cover and remove a screw under the HDD placement area. Remove the big hatch (long screw) and then remove all the black screws underneath the hatch. Do ensure that you keep the screws organized.


Y510 users can skip step 8


 8. Push a paperclip into the small hole next to the eject button to release the DVD drive.




 9. Once the DVD drive has been ejected, slide out the DVD tray, you will then see a small silver screw which you would need to remove. (pic below)




 10. One of the rails has a tiny phillips screw holding down two small metal parts. Carefully remove this screw and remove the small metal parts. Note the orientation of the metal parts as you remove them. You can now slide the metal slider off the plastic rail. Pull the tray out as far as it goes and carefully turn the freed end towards yourself. You can now get at the 2nd hidden silver screw. Remove it and set aside with the other one. Close the DVD tray.




 11. Turn the laptop on its side with the screen partly open to stabilize it. Work you fingernails into gap between the bottom and the palm rest cover and remove the cover. Take your time and work you way around the cover, turning the laptop to whatever orientation is convenient. I found it helpful to use a small flathead screwdriver in the battery compartment to jimmy it free. There are small plastic brackets in there that need coaxing to come apart. Remove the top plastic cover and set aside.




 12. If you are replacing the left hinge (by the AC power jack), remove 2 screws holding down a small circuit board covering the hinge. Remove the conductor tape above the LAN port.


 13. Remove the 2 rubber pads at the bottom of the screen and 4 plastic diamond shape covers on the sides to uncover the screen screws. Remove these and set aside. Note, the screws are not the same length there do take note on the placement of the screws.


 14. Slowly remove the screws for the hinge you would want to replace.




15. When you are putting everything back, do ensure that the wires are not pinched by the hinges.

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brewmasterthis On 2011-01-20, 14:38 PM

Y510 owners can skip steps 8-10. Picture under step 11 refers to step 10. Original pictures and captions are here:


fsevcik On 2011-03-20, 5:24 AM

will it work for a y560 too???

DarryDoo On 2011-07-04, 12:25 PM

May I say... HALLELUJAH!!!


Finally I can repair these broken hinges on my own! :-D


Now, if only the hinges weren't backordered...




ninoo On 2011-11-06, 3:17 AM

First, thank you VERY much JameZ for posting this in such detail! This post was extremely helpful and made replacing the hinges feasible.


To begin, I barely have any experience with repairing computers. I have replaced an enclosure on an external HDD, as well as added memory/ RAM to desktops and laptops. Neither of these tasks were as involved as replacing these hinges (The entire process took me about 6 hours).


This was the first time I ever COMPLETELY opened up this laptop. For those who are going to do-it-yourself: be sure to see ALL of the pictures on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/57954663@N00/sets/72157625624476479/detail/ .


I wish I had seen these pics, because it certainly would have clarified step 7. I wasn't sure which screws to remove at that point, and I ended up completely displacing the fan and heatsink. However, this turned out to be a good mistake, because I had a chance to remove all the dust that had settled in those parts over the past 2 years.


I purchased hinges from eBay for less than $10. I figured I would take my chances with generic hinges, since the original ones from Lenovo were CRAP anyways (They fell apart before I even unscrewed them)! The new hinges have been installed for approximately 3 days and I have noticed no problems thus far. I certainly have been (and will be) opening/ closing my laptop less often, because I don't want to go through this tedious process again!


Thank you again, JameZ! This post saved me about $100 :)

skidsteer On 2012-05-21, 16:47 PM

While I greatly apreciate the post, I'm stuck on the final step of removing the original hinges from the side of the screen. I can see no way to acess this area except to try to pry the screen free and Im very concerned about cracking the screen.


The orinal post clarified that the screen somehow slid down and he was able to wiggle the hinges out underneath, but I.m still at a loss. Are there screws into the side of the screen 2" above the hinge pivot od does the very top of the hinge only slide over a pin?

How does one get these out? My rh hinge has this upper portion broke off, making it harder to reach.



skidsteer On 2012-05-21, 17:18 PM

On the side of the screen from the edge, there are 2 small squares right where the very top of the hinge would be. These don't appear as though they should come out, But they are a sticker, keep scratching at them with a pick and they will come loose. Under them is the screw that holds the very top of the hing on each side as well as holding the screen in the top cover (lid) .

I think I on my way now,...


ARAMALINGAM On 2014-01-23, 17:06 PM



I am trying to replace the hinge myself following the pictorial help provided in the Lenovo forum at the following link:


I am right at the beginning of Step 13 where I have removed the 2 screws at the right and left hand bottom of the CRT panel, but I have no clue as to how to separate the hinges from the top and bottom of the ideapad. I am able to pry the left and right plastic covers over the hinges, but they both seem to be part of the long bevel strip that does not seem to want to yield.  I am afraid of forcing it lest it may break.  Any help will be appreciated.


Thank you.



Time_to_waste On 2014-02-04, 22:10 PM

Just replaced my hinge on a y530, got hinge off eBay and was amazed at how many people have had to replace lenovo hinges... Not buying another Lenovo after replacing 2 main boards and now hinges...

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