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How to replace the keyboard on an IdeaPad Y530


How do I get access to remove the keyboard on a Y510 or Y530 model IdeaPad?  I know they are mechanically very similar.


Unplug laptop and remove battery.


1) With small screwdriver inserted between F2 and F3 keys, gently pry up plate above keyboard.


pry 1 y530 keboard.jpg


2) Starting at left side of plate, carefully unsnap it.


pull up status bar 2.jpg


3) Do not disconnect or disturb the 2 cables under the right hand side.


keep pulling 3.jpg


4) Set the plate out of the way above keyboard.


5) Starting at sides, unsnap keyboard from top. I use a guitar pick to get it started.


guitar pick on keyboard 4.jpg


6) Lift up keyboard from top end, and  set it down toward lcd panel.


lift keyboard 5.jpg


7) Carefully move the two small side latches for the ribbon cable upward toward the lcd.


keyboard cable 6.jpg


8) Remove the ribbon cable and keyboard.


9) Install is the reverse.


Photo credits and proceedures - Duck3




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