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How to turn off automatic photo color adjustment on Y560 (solved)


On my Ideapad Y560, whenever the computer detects that I'm viewing a photo, it automatically bumps up the contrast and darkens the colors. Is there a way to turn this automatic function off?  I'm running windows 7 64 bit and have an ATI 5700 series graphics card.  


I notice it doesn't occur when using Adobe Photoshop, but that could be because the image doesn't fill the entire screen.  I don't see any options in Windows Photo Viewer to disable this function, if indeed WPV is causing it at all.  I forgot to mention that whenever the contrast/color change occurs, this image momentarily displays in the bottom right corner of my screen, just above the tray icons:


photoviewer icon.jpg



This icon is the  One Key Theater program.  Pressing the little lighted button shaped like a movie camera, cycles between the different modes.  The auto-contrast change was a function of the  "intelligent" mode.  Moving to "normal" seems to eliminate the dimming / contrast change effect.  

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ysmnkamal On 2014-05-28, 14:18 PM

I have the same problem! But im using s410p touch. Please help!

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