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Paper Tape
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How to use the dedicated graphics card on Z50-75

Hello everyone. I own the Lenovo Z50-75 and I would like to know if it's possible to use only the dedicated graphics card for gaming on this laptop. First of all, my system specs are:


CPU: AMD FX-7500 @2.1GHz

RAM: 6GB (5GB in use)

GPU: Radeon R7 (integrated; shares 1GB with RAM), Radeon R7 M260DX (dedicated with 2GB VRAM)

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64


I know this laptop comes with the AMD's "Dual Graphics" feature. The problem is that most games don't work well with this setting (I had problems in many games with Dual Graphics enabled, such as screen flickering). Therefore I would like to use only the dedicated card, but no matter what I try, it seems impossible to get it working seperately from the integrated card.


I monitor the GPU load using GPU-Z, and the only way I could get the dedicated graphics card to show activity was when I enabled dual graphics with "AFR Friendly mode". Without Dual Graphics, it never turns on! But it is supposed to turn on when I set the power plan on "High performance", right?


What I've tried so far: 


1. Disabled Dual Graphics and set every possible setting on High Performance (under power plan and CCC). The integrated card was used instead of the dedicated.


2. Enabled Dual Graphics, but set the game profile (in CCC) not to use Dual Graphics. No luck.


3. Plugged the laptop on an external HDMI monitor to see if the dedicated graphics card is enabled. Didn't help.


4. Tried to disable the integrated graphics card under Device Manager in Windows, just in case the dedicated graphics card was forced to be active. The result was to get 800x600 resolution and the AMD autodetect tool couldn't find any drivers.


5. Tried the same procedures under Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, no luck.


I should also mention that there aren't many options in BIOS, only the "Graphics Device" setting which gives two options, "Dual Graphics" and "UMA Only" (integraded+dedicated or just integrated).


I searched for hours on the internet and I don't know what else to do... Either I'm missing something or my laptop is mulfunctioning.


Any suggestions?



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Re: How to use the dedicated graphics card on Z50-75

Your point 1 should work for using the dedicated GPU.

From what I read, "Dual Graphics" from AMD is not a good working feature at the moment. You should do Point 1 (you mentioned).


Also, switch to Windows 8.1

Apply GPU updates.

Apply BIOS updates (if any).

Play a game and make sure you connected to AC power.


Try older AMD drivers, if the latest one gives problems.


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Re: How to use the dedicated graphics card on Z50-75

i have the exact same problem, tried everything, installed about 5 different versions of AMD CCC, still no luck. however... when i ran a direct x 11 Benchmark (3Dmark 11) i saw that the dedicated graphic card was being used in MSI afterburner, so it's not malfunctioning. Any support for me and BillysS please?

Paper Tape
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Re: How to use the dedicated graphics card on Z50-75

Thank you for the suggestions.


I tried to do all these things under Windows 8.1 but I did not see any difference... And I always install the latest AMD drivers for the GPUs. As for BIOS - there is an update but it isn't relevant to the GPU issue.


I'll try the old AMD drivers that come with Lenovo official drivers CD (but according to ozzy97 who already tried a bunch of different versions, it might not help that much). Might try Windows 8.1 again, as I think that this laptop was meant to be shipped with this version of Windows.


ozzy97, can you provide more information about your system specs and OS?


Is it possible that only this particular laptop has this problem? Because google yields many results from users talking about the same problem on the same model.

Paper Tape
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Re: How to use the dedicated graphics card on Z50-75

After lots of trial and error, I've come to the concusion that this laptop will only use the dedicated graphics card when Dual Graphics is on.


I installed Windowd 8.1, old & new AMD drivers, set everything on High Performance, and I was monitoring the GPU load from GPU-Z and the AMD built-in monitoring feature. The system never switched to the "High Performance graphics" while Dual Graphics was off. It's rather weird though, because it's supposed to to so even without the Dual Graphics feature, but instead it only uses Dual Graphics or only the onboard graphics card. I wanted to believe there's a way to make the dedicated graphics card to work seperately, but it's just not possible by any means.


The problem is that many games don't work well with Dual Graphics (or Crossfire, whatever it's called). So it's a hit and miss when it comes to what games I'll be able to play with the dedicated graphics card. Anyway, I got this laptop mainly for internet browsing, multimedia, MS Office and light gaming, so it's not really a big deal. But whoever happens to consider buying Lenovo Z50-75 with AMD hardware, beware!!

Paper Tape
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Re: How to use the dedicated graphics card on Z50-75

Does this mean I can't use my dedicated graphics card for X-Plane? I am having the same problems also with the same computer but running Windows 10...

What's DOS?
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Re: How to use the dedicated graphics card on Z50-75

It is sad that all having this problem and these companies are doing nothing about it. AMD and Lenovo should call back every laptops with this issue, but we know that the support simply aren't the best! AMD and Lenovo think about it and make consumers to be happy!

What's DOS?
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Re: How to use the dedicated graphics card on Z50-75

I know this has been a long time but I have the same problem, but with me even with dual graphics on the radeon r7 m260dx is not being used at all and only the integrated graphics. Do you have any idea how to fix this?

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