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Paper Tape
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I have a few questions regard Y400.

I bought the Lenovo y400 for quite a few weeks now, today is the first time I tried to swap out the Optical Drive to give the laptop some air, but then suddenly the Optical Drive was stuck (I did pull the "2 buttons" at the bottom to remove the Ultra-bay). So I tried to disassenble the laptop to look inside see what happen but the bottom cover was also stuck at one point as well and I couldn't disassemble it.


here's the question:


1.What should I do to swap out if the Optical Drive is stuck? should I force it out or disassemble the laptop and take it out?


2.Even so, does Lenovo Y400 have a dual Graphic SLI slot support? (I heard Y400/Y500 do have dual Graphic cards but I'm not so sure)


is it GT 650m SLI or GT 655m SLI? And does Lenovo sell it?




Appreciate for spending your time helping me. 

Paper Tape
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Re: I have a few questions regard Y400.

1. Im not sure what you should do about that, call tech support theyll help you out

2. Yes, it has SLI its the only reason i bought it, you can get the same performance of a GTX670m or higher with the overclocking. you have to swap it out with ultrabay and it is available, go look through  shop on the website, and go to accesories and software. If you have any more questions send me a message ill be happy to try and help.

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