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I want to be sure the 2nd vga bios update for win8.1 will fix my 2nd gpu driver problem

When I upgraded to windows 8.1 with my lenovo y500 w/ dual nvidia gt650m cards the driver for the second gpu would not show up or have an error after awhile.  If I re-installed the older driver that I had at the time before the 8.1 update both drivers would work for a time but eventually it would crap out again.  I tried updating to the newest driver and It wouldn't read the second driver at all. error everytime.  so anyway, I called lenovo and the support agent told me to refresh my pc and remove win8.1.  This SUCKED b/c I had a lot of games disappear and I couldn't believe this was the only answer.  Anyways they work fine on reg win 8, but every other day I get a popup telling me to upgrade to 8.1 and how great it is, and how some things won't work w/o 8.1.  I tried 8.1 again to see if maybe they had fixed the problem a couple of months ago, but no, I had to refresh and start all over.  I accidentally hit ok on the 8.1 popup the other day, luckily I hit system restore before it could go into effect. I found the thread talking about fixing the sli with 8.1 and I think this addresses my problem (at least part of it). It said to download NVIDIA GeForce GT650M Second VGA BIOS Update for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - IdeaPad Y400, Y500 and follow instructions.  The problem I'm having is this solution was posted before I had my run in with the problem and the Lenovo agent told me to do a system refresh instead of this.  I want to be sure this will fix my gpu driver problem w/ win 8.1 before I upgrade to 8.1.  I don't want to have to re install all of my games again. (I've done it 3 times now)  Please, just give me some peace of mind on the situation.  I have everything ready to go if this will fix it.

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Re: I want to be sure the 2nd vga bios update for win8.1 will fix my 2nd gpu driver problem

I dont own that laptop but the VBIOS fix is indeed specifically for a second GPU.


Whoever told you to refresh your PC might not have been fully aware of the fix. This fix has been around for some time for both Y500 and Y510p.

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