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Paper Tape
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

Q: I have Y330.I just wonder if it is possible to change the media controls(the touch panels which are play pause stop next and previous track) from its default software (windows media player) to iTunes?

Thanks in advance. Smiley Happy

Paper Tape
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Paper Tape
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ


So there seems to be a bit of confusion with this, so I was hoping to figure this out before I ordered one:

The pictures for the Y550 show that there are both white and gray keyboards. Is it possible to know which one you're getting, and how?


Punch Card
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ


 As far as my knowledge goes, the Y550 no longer comes with the white keypad.I was told this when I ordered mine since, I wanted the white keypad for the Y550. The only way you could have got a  white keypad was, if you had customed built the Y550 which I eventually did too. They seem to have taken out that option now.The Y450 stills comes with the  white keypad and no need to customize it. The pictures on the webpage that displays all the Yseries models has both the colors. If you go into the Y550 series page, it displays only the gray/black coloured keypad. I would still suggest you contact the sales rep and confirm.Smiley Happy

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What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

I have Y510, manufacture 29Apr08, that use Nvidia 8600 Graphic Card. I hear some info that this Card model has temperature problem. Pls help me check and how can i do if temperature problem occur. I'm in Hanoi, Vienam.
What's DOS?
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Problem with Battery

I bought Y510 this January and has been facing problem with graphic card initially and now battery.


Right from the beginning, I am facing a problem . The screen gets garbled sometimes and hangs. Unless I shut the system and then switches on for sometime, it will not work.


Recently, the system stopped showing the information regarding the battery. When it is on batteries, the batteries are draining very fast less than a minute. Nowhere, I am able to see whether my battery is getting is getting charged and if so, the status of the battery. 


What should I do?



What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

hi all,


anyone here have any idea what is swelcntr all about? it came out of nowhere after i used the one-key recovery. in the add/remove program it shows swelcntr took up about 14GB of my disk space. i attempted removing it but failed every time. anyone here have any idea how to remove it?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

It looks like this topic has been abondoned for too long.


I have a U350 Ideapad and never had Fn+F5 working before. Is there any driver or software out there to activate those hotkeys?

Paper Tape
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

It would seem to me like no one every bothers to read the forums?


There is also no email support I can find for my country.


I'm very dissatisfied with Lenovo's after sales support because they have til date not resolved my issue.


Now with the upgrade to Win 7 I seems to encounter even more problem than ever.


I'm using the Y550 laptop with the white keyboard.


BTW I'm from Singapore.

What is wrong with my Laptop!
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Community SuperMod
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ


ShinHime wrote:

It would seem to me like no one every bothers to read the forums?

Welcome to the forum!

While there are a few Lenovo employees roaming around in here helping out on a volunteer basis, this is not an official support channel with dedicated Lenovo support personnel assigned to it. Instead, this is designed to be a user-to-user support and discussion forum. You may or may not get an answer directly from one of the Lenovo employees as there are way more of us than them and all of them, even Mark, have full-time jobs doing other things.



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