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IdeaPad FAQ

Please post examples of frequently asked questions on the IdeaPad and the answers or links to resources you found helpful.  The Moderation team, and Lenovo reserve the right to edit and consolidate the posts for clarity and accuracy.
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

Q: Will NOVA function format my HDD?
A: Only disc "C:" - this means your desktop and "My Documents" folders as well.

Q: Can I delete service partition?  (NOT RECOMMENDED)
A: Only by non-Windows-integrated utilities. For example PartedMagic.  After deleting the service partition the recovery function is inaccessible and NOVA button just works as power-mode switch in Windows (both Vista&XP).  The service partition can not be re-created via CD's at a customer location and will require re-imaging by service at a repair facility.   In many countries, this will be a FEE operation, so consider the removal of this partition carefully.

Q: What happens if I resize "C" ?
A: NOVA recovery function will not work.

A: 1) a - Enter BIOS, find an option "AHCI mode" and switch it from "Enchanced" to "Compability".
         b-  Or integrate compliant SATA-drivers in your XP disc. (Unpack exe-file to find *.inf - files)

    2)After BIOS screen press F12 and choose your DVD-Rom to boot from.
    3)Follow onscreen instructions.
    4)Install drivers after installing Windows (find on
    5)Enjoy your performance

Q: It seems that I can't install Audio&Modem driver.
A:  Before installing these drivers you must install KB888111 from Microdoft (UAA (Universal Audio Architecture) Bus driver). It is also included in Windows Xp SP3, so if it is installed, no need to download.

Q: Still can't install  drivers for audio&modem after installing UAA Bus driver.
A: You'd install drivers manually. Follow this:
     Start-> Control Panel-> Administrative Tools-> Computer Management-> Device Manager-> Audio Device on HD Bus -> *rightclick* -> Reinstall -> I'll choose the driver manually -> All devices -> Have disk
In pop-uped window navigate to the unpacked Audio driver folder and choose an *.inf-file and choose correct device.
     The same about modem.

Q:When I turn on my Y510 it blows it's fan hard and turns off. Also/Or I can't boot system for 5-6 times.
A:Reattach (reseat) battery of your laptop. If that helped - you have to update BIOS. Locate it";return this.s_oc?this.s_oc(e):true">here.

Q: I don't understand whether my laptop has Intel GMA or nVidia videocard?
A: Different versions have different VGA modules under hood. For nVidia cards you may try modified drivers on your own decision - usually they don't cause any troubles.
Y710 and Y730 also may use ATI graphics. U330 uses it's own hybrid drivers, you'll barely find elswhere - only on Lenovo site. (LINKS TO OEM / NON LENOVO DRIVERS PROVIDED AS IS - NO EXPRESSED WARRANTY AS TO THEIR SUITABILITY OR VIABILITY)

Q: Can I make a dual-boot system - XP and Vista?
A: Sure. The easiest way is to install XP to a non-Vista partition and after that use VistaBootPro or EasyBCD.
     Also you can install Linux - so far Ubuntu is known as non-problem distrib running happily.

Q: Brightness keys are not working in XP in Y510...
A: It's a solved issue - just update BIOS. (Latest version for Y510)

Q: Can I use Veriface to make two persons per account access?
A: No. Only one face per account is allowed.

Q: Veriface is working slowly.
A: Try increasing light level in room, sit/stand still, don't use glasses or hat, look straight in camera - it must help.

Also you may try";return this.s_oc?this.s_oc(e):true">updated version of Veriface.

Smiley Happy

Q: Can I disable Veriface?
A: Sure. Just uninstall it. If you can't log in - press F8 after BIOS screen and boot system in safe mode.

Q:Every time when I press any of touch sensitive buttons WMP is summoned.

A:Use a software that was  written specially for this case by community member plutos.";return this.s_oc?this.s_oc(e):true">Here is his post with more info.Thanks him a lot!

Q: Will my  laptop use 4 gb of RAM?
A: Due to Windows memory allocation method 32-bit Windows systems can only handle 3.25 maximum of RAM (usually 3gb). In Vista SP1 you can SEE 4 gb, but you still can USE only  3gb... If you try to use 64-bit Windows it will eat up more memory than 32-bit one and in case of 4gb+64bit OS you'll have amount of RAM not much larger than in 3GB+32 OS. The decision is up to you.

Q:Will my memory work in dual channel if I use 1+2 RAM scheme?

A:Yes. it will work in asymmetric dual channel mode.

Q: Can I work on my laptop myself?  
A: Generally, replacing the battery, changing or upgrading the memory, etc may be acceptable.  Complete disassembly may void your warranty as will any modifications to the machine by soldering, cutting wires or otherwise tampering with the original construction.  Check the terms and conditions that came with your system, and the warranty terms on the Lenovo support site.  Individual country laws may provide additional protections or limitations.

Q:What HDDs and memory modules can I use to ugrade my latop?

2,5" SATA(or SATA2) HDD (U110 utilzes 1.8" PATA HDD). Memory type
differs from model to model. It may be SO-DIMM DDR2 667 or 800 and it
may be SO-DIMM DDR3 800 or 1066. You can discover all hardware info
about your laptop in two minutes by";return this.s_oc?this.s_oc(e):true">SIW.

 Maximum height of HDD is 9,5 mm; maximum memory module capacity is 2 GB.

Q:My Y510 is hot under right  wrist... Why?
A: There's an CPU and GPU under that place - it's supposed to be the hottest place of the hole thing. Still you may try to undervolt  processor -  ON YOUR OWN RISC.

Q:Intel WiFi driver is not matching my system!

A:Lenovo uses not only Inel WiFi adapters, but Broadcom adapters also - locate
right one on support site. Broadcom (Gemtek) adapter Vista drivers work both for Vista and XP.


Q:I want to use PCMCIA modem/tuner/etc on my Laptop. What kind of devices can I use?

A:Ideapads use ExpressCard slot, it is incompatible with old PCMCIA (PC-Card) slot.


Q:I've changed OS to Vista 64-bit and found all drivers on support site and
manufatrers of hardware sites, but I can't find anywhere driver for
ACPI/VPC_2004 device in device manager. What is that?

A:It is EnergyCut ACPI driver. Locate additional info here.


Q:After Linux install my DVD-ROM can't be detected.

A:Use LILO instead of GRUB.


MOD EDITS - Great Job skripatch! - minor edits for clarity and to provide Lenovo advisory positions on some of the proceedures.

Message Edited by skripatch on 11-19-2008 10:28 AM
Message Edited by skripatch on 11-19-2008 10:28 AM
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

Q: The Y510 Synaptics Touchpad driver for XP that is supplied by Lenovo does not decompress and install correctly.
A: The driver file seems corrupted, but the generic Synaptics Touchpad driver for XP works just fine, and seems to have all the feaures that the functional Lenovo driver for Vista has. The generic driver is located at:

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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

@wernst wrote:
The Y510 Synaptics Touchpad driver for XP that is supplied by Lenovo does not decompress and install correctly.

It installed well for me. However, I have had decompression problems with some of the drivers, but they installed ok after I re-downloaded them. Seems that the server breaks the connection sometimes so the file is not fully downloaded (especially large files > 10 Mb).
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

Another situation I noticed is that there are no drivers for the halolighting for Windows XP on the Y710 notebook...
If anyone can solve this then that would be awsome!
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

Q: The Y510 Synaptics Touchpad driver for XP that is supplied by Lenovo does not decompress and install correctly.
A: Redownload driver using download manager and try to install.
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

Wasn't there a thread a while back about the wireless dropping? Could we get an FAQ to that?

Something to the effect of:

Q: Why does my wireless constantly drop even if I'm in range of my router?
A: ( I don't know the answer, I actually came back on the forums to look for why that was happening to the other person)

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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

hi, once XP installed and running, installing those WIN XP drivers (those that are posted on Lenovo Y510 site), I notice they are all .exe. How would they install? Do I execute  them one by one and each would install automatically (modem, audio,video,touchpad, etc, etc) or once executed, each of them have to be installed from Control Panel, System, Device Manager until all the exclamanation marks are gone?? hope you can clarify, Thanks.
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

You just run them. If some ofthem do not autorun on double-click, just unrar them to any folder and run setup.exe/install.exe from that folder.
//help will save the world
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

Once you intalled and configured XP I recommend to retrieve all installed drivers(I mean backup) and make one installer for all of them. There some utilties doing than, but not all of them free(i.e. hose programms can create one .exe file for installing all needed drivers. Note: Do not retrieve and backup native windows drivers, reinstalling of it may cause problems - use only drivers installed manually by you.

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