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Fanfold Paper
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

"Q: Brightness keys are not working in XP...
A: Yes, It's a pity, but for now it's unresolved issue. But lenovo is working on it."

This issue wasn't mentioned in other forum topics about moving from Vista to XP.  Is this still an unsolved issue?

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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

JSuresh, thanks for noticing that. The FAQ is old, I'll update it. The issue is solved pretty well - just need to update BIOS. Here is the latest version.
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Paper Tape
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

Please add to your FAQ the very common question of how to uninstall the Veriface when it won't accept your password (even the one first entered when Vista asked for one).   Some previous poster stated to uninstall in Safe Mode but that doesn't work either (for me).  Please add this to your FAQ, thanks!
Paper Tape
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CD/DVD problem on Lenovo Ideapad Y710



I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on my new Lenovo Y710 and all seems to be fine except that my CD/DVD is not automounted nor recognized; I already added exec, auto in fstab config file.

My cd works fine if I modify the /boot/grub/menu.lst by adding acpi=off, but that causes system instability and the system doesn't view the battery status any more (so I must keep it on AC power).

any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated


thank you in advance,




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Re: IdeaPad FAQ



In the forums please navigate to  lenovocommunity : idea systems : ideapad : Re: Organize favorites (and other things triggered by CTRL-B) keep popping up.


Several of us have the same problem with our Y510 and what seemed to be random crtl-b's, but i've discovered at least one cause, a cable box remote.  IMO this is a pretty serious design flaw requiring an immediate fix or replacement of the problem units with a different model.  I'm posting this email back to the forums and we'll await Lenovo's reply.





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Re: CD/DVD problem on Lenovo Ideapad Y710

Hello Alex, did you find any solutions to what you described? I have a y710 and the same happens to mine and on top (DVD not being detected/working) somehow Hardy does some thing so next time I boot into my windows partition the DVD no longer shows up... Very weird... I think has something to do with the 2.6.24 kernels...


If anyone has a solution to this I would greatly appreciate it...

What's DOS?
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Modified nvidia drivers from laptopvideo2go


FYI : I use these drivers nvidia v.177.92 from laptopvideo2go.

Install : no problem

One issue : excessive I/O, hard disk activity  then I used filemon to find that a nvidia process was trying to read a file 'nvcplenu.dll' unsuccessfully.

So I disable the nividia driver service  : no  constant IO anymore.



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Re: Modified nvidia drivers from laptopvideo2go

Alex my Y710 came with ATI Radeon 2600 and is working fine... in both Linux and Windows


The problem of DVD not working in Ubuntu/any other distro seems to be a GRUB not a kernel issue... When anothet bootloader is in the MBR other than Grub windows won't loose the dvd drive, Ubuntu it won't show it up still but at least it won't affect the windows partition...


 My issues with Linux:

-DVD not working

-HeadPhone not muting the speakers


BTW I got all the drivers to work in XP, including the Halo, Veriface, special keys etc... if anyone needs help with this I may just be of help to those wanting XP versus Vista...

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What's DOS?
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IdeaPad FAQ

I am desperately looking for remote control for my 52Q laptop.  Please advise me how can I get it.

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Re: Modified nvidia drivers from laptopvideo2go

Replacing GRUB with LILO fixes the DVD issue.... I now have LILO in the MBR and can multi-boot just fine and the DVD works in all Oses... Just make sure before you setup LILO that both your MS and / are set to be primary partitions.

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