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Punch Card
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

@Myles_Lenovo wrote:

@soonermandan wrote:
Which models of the Y730 series have number pads and which have the gaming configuration? I've looked all over the sight and only found that "some models have the gaming center". I'm specifically looking for a model with the number pad.

The blue models of the IdeaPad Y730 are not gaming models. These models come with the numeric keypad.


The orange models of the IdeaPad Y730 are the gaming models. These models come withthe Lenovo Game Zone instead of the numeric keypad.



Actually, there is a .pdf that outlines this well.


Some 'blue' models show to be available with the Game Zone key pad.  I only know this b/c I had a really hard time deciding on the Orange vs Blue models.  Line by line comparison led me to this conclusion.  Whether these models are available in certain markets is yet to be determined.



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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

I have installed XP on my Lenovo Y510, but my DVD-ROM does not show the DVDs, nor I can burn a DVD, it works as a CD-ROM. - Is there a DVD-ROM driver or an encryptor that I can download for this problem?




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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

Samo - The DVD drive might be failing. You can try a firmware update for your DVD drive. It may be hard to find one or there might not be one available. As these are OEM drives, Lenovo is supposed to provide firmware updates.

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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

just to check where my replie posts

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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

mailvijayk, can you provide model of processor you own and model of suggested processor? It may come that your motherboard can't handle new one.

AFAIK in Russia you will not lose warranty until you damage something in process. I'm not sure if this is allowed in all the world.


//help will save the world
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

Why does my wifi not automatically connect even though I set it to.  In managing network connections, I set it to connect automatically, but it reverts back to manual connection for some reason.


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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

It's ReadyComm. Uninstall it.
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What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ

when is the new 550 coming out. thanks.
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Re: IdeaPad FAQ



how can i  log in when the veriface is not working and the password for windows is no where to be found??


please i need help..


it's very urgent.






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Re: IdeaPad FAQ


Firstly, do not duplicate messages - it is hard to see after all yours of them.

Secondly, if you can't login through veriface you need booting safe mode and logging in there.

Thirdly, if you do not know the password there're some tricks but they are judged as a hacking and for private security reasons we do not discuss them here.

So, you don't have a password. This leads to full system reinstall. Backup your data before this action.

//help will save the world

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