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I have an issue with my lenovo v570 model

I installed a App... I think it was called

Power Manager version 3.65

but the main problem is, it says battery is not installed...


Everything are in original package.

and i have a Energy Management installed and it recognize it on their...

so how come I am having an issue with power manager?








The Power Manager application is for ThinkPads. Please uninstall it.  Batteries have a chip, and the programing on the chip for Think and Idea systems are somewhat different - the ThinkPad Power Manager does not read IdeaPad batteries properly and therefore in this case, is reporting the battery is not installed.


To resolve, uninstall ThinkPad Power manager and download and install the Lenovo Energy Management Software, found here:


Tell us how it goes!

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Even me also having same problem. I'm using ThinkPad E430 3254N2Q I have bought this lap just a week ago. Even before installing Power Manager I had 'not charging' problem when I connect to AC adapter. So, I installed Power Manager software. Still having 'not charging' problem with Max Battery life power plan. And also its showing that 'Battery Not Installed'