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IdeaPad Y510 hard drive removal


I want to remove the drive from my Ideapad Y510.   I have taken off the panels and located the hard drive, now how do I take it out without damaging anything? There's a tab sticking out from it, should I just pull that?


Remove the access cover on the bottom of the system as indicated.


Use the pull tab to pull the drive toward the front of the system.  In the photo below, the front of the system is to the right.  Once free of the connector, the drive can be lifted out.  Four screws secure the drive to the metal tray or sled, and if you are moving the drive to another system, you will wish to remove this.  If you are replacing the factory drive with a service part or upgrading to a larger capacity drive, you will swap the drive tray over. Installation is the reverse of the removal - align the connector and slide the drive to the rear of the system until the connector seats.


Y510 drive removal.png

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