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Re: IdeaPad Y510P SSD replacement Question

Hi weregoingunion


It is not DEFINITE that the consumer will not receive the connector installed but it is likely that they may not get it if they order the Hybrid version. It is a big risk to take unless the person is ready to return the laptop, if they do not get the connector.


No one said that the SSD cannot be used as a storage, it can be formatted and used the way you like. Just that it wont give a performance boost.


Installing Win8 on a new HDD will definitely not accept the key since it is NOT a Retail version, this has been confirmed by several users here and Microsoft support (I have not personally checked this). The only way around this is to clone the HDD.


OKR is a vital function that keeps the laptop away from most of the problems. If you lose OKR, then be sure to have a Retail Windows or the recovery disks (which I am not sure will help without OKR). Also, a backup of the imp files on the system is necessary if a person wants their data recovered.

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Re: IdeaPad Y510P SSD replacement Question

That's exactly what I said in the last post - "It is not true that if you buy the 1TB+8GB HYBRID that you definitely won't be able to install m.2.  I purchased that model and it DOES have a connector.  This is a pretty big risk to take if you definitely want it so just get the 24GB option with m.2."

And Flankerl said "If I choose the 1TB 5400+24GB M.2 SSD, Sales team said that I can not use it as storage meaning that it will be always used as cache even if I have a add a new SSD as primary for OS. I'm assuming that has to be something with the M.2 SSD code/firmware."  So, yes, someone DID say that.


OKR is not "vital" though, and that is what is scarying the crap out of people.  There ARE ways to reinstall Windows or whatever OS you like whether you have to pay for it or not.  People are acting like you will never be able to have Windows 8 again if you screw up OKR.  I'm not saying you said that.  I'm just saying that there is some confusion on this. 


I have read posts of people downloading the OKR (NO OS) image and copying it to a thumb drive, repartitioning in a format that OKR finds acceptable, and using the .imp? files to put it back to a factory state.


One question I have is that the web page I'm referring to that has this disc seems to portray that it works with most Lenovo laptops but wouldn't they have different partition sizes?


For example, my laptop came with a 1TB harddrive.  If I wanted to use the method I just referred to (of using a bootable OKR to re-partition the drive) would the sizes have to be exactly the size they are in factory state?  What if I bought a 500GB SSD drive that obviously could not have the same size partitions?


This applies to cloning the drive as well.  If you used a cloning tool to copy a 1TB drive to a 500GB drive, you're obviously going to change the partition size, thus not being an exact clone.


Any thoughts?

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Re: IdeaPad Y510P SSD replacement Question

Just clone using paragon 14. OKR works but photoshop boot time still sucks, 1minute 4 secs, on SAmsung 840 evo 250 gb???
Help anyone?
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Re: IdeaPad Y510P SSD replacement Question

Hi Everybody

i have a LENOVO Y510p (1TB HDD 16GB Ram) and i want to install SSD with 1TB HDD to install the OS (WIN X64 10 or WIN X64 8.1)

can you help me anyone to choose the right and great SSD to buying it.



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