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What's DOS?
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IdeaPad Y560 Fan Stopped Working

The CPU fan started making peculiar clicking noises about 3 months ago and eventually stopped spinning. When the laptop is turned on there is about a 1/10 chance it spins on high for a moment before stopping entirely. I presumed this was a hardware issue so I have acquired a replacement fan. When I installed it there was no difference. I've since updated the bios, tested the fans with an independant power source, and upgraded the power management software.


What could be causing the fan to work intermittently? The problem is that the CPU overheats and shuts down after ~20 minutes of use. I've looked into other fan posts on this site but nothing seems to address my exact issue (I could have missed something though!)


Please help!

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Re: IdeaPad Y560 Fan Stopped Working

hi finalexodus75,
as you aware of, it's probably fan issue and in that case, you'll need fan replacement. warranty will cover the replacement, you just need to call lenovo support line to ship it back.

hope it helps.
What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad Y560 Fan Stopped Working

The issue is not the fan. I've elminated it as a posibility by testing two fan units in there, one brand new. Both work when run on an external power source. The items warranty is over and I'm trying to avoid using my Visa's extended warrarnty plan as that can take weeks to set up.

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Re: IdeaPad Y560 Fan Stopped Working



It sounds like you had done reasonable problem determination and that the original fan may or may not have been the culprit.  I also would have blamed the fan first and replaced it - a more high probability that the bearings were bad or there was some mechanical interference - something interfering with the blades making the clicking or causing it not to start some % of the time.


Is the replacement fan a Lenovo part or a generic / OEM part?   If the latter, have you checked voltages and perhaps tested that fan or your original on another system to make sure they work?


With the fan installed, when you first power on the system, it should spin for a second or two and then shut off.  Does it even do this?  If not, and if you have tested the fans and they are fine on other computers, then the system board probably needs to be replaced.  


How far out of warranty are you? Did this problem begin while the system was still under warranty and did you call support during warranty and perhaps get a case number?


If this all started post warranty, and you are more than a month or so out of warranty, then your best bet may well be any coverage provided by your CC.



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