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Paper Tape
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IdeaPad Y570 Skips Songs


I got a new IdeaPad Y570. It skips songs.


No matter, if i play them in ITunes, Windows Player, ITunes file format, Windows file format, local hard drive, external hard drive, files ripped from CD, or buy files from ITunes. The files play fine on my other computer. The players can seek to any position in the file fine. So, it's not corrupted files.


I have the latest version of ITunes, QuickTime, sound chip drivers.


The weirdest thing is that the frequency of skipping goes up dramatically, when I plug in my stereo system instead of head phones.


Any help?


The music experience is really bad, when songs skip after a few seconds.

Paper Tape
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Re: IdeaPad Y570 Skips Songs

Is it audio skipping, or are songs skipped over?


If it's the latter case, I had a similar problem with my new Y470.


What worked for me was uninstalling the audio driver. I installed the latest driver from Realtek's website:  


That fixed my problems, make sure to install the latest driver software from Realtek and not the one posted on Lenovo's site.


Hope that helps.


So the above didn't actually fix anything. I'm still having this problem. I also found out that the skipping also occurs while playing CDs from my Y470. Sorry, that I couldn't actually help.


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Retired Moderator
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Re: IdeaPad Y570 Skips Songs

as i read from the thread somewhere here, performing clean windows installation fixed the issue.
What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad Y570 Skips Songs

Hey I had the same problem with my y570, but i think i managed to solve it.. Delete RIC companion.. apparently it has a stupid voice command to skip songs or something and is causing the problem or so i read. I just deleted it and it seems working perfectly now good luck!
What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad Y570 Skips Songs

Hi, you don't need to delete RIC app, the thing is that this application has a feature (that is enabled by default) that recongnizes "taps"on the case, 3 taps are the command for skip song, so the mic takes key taps as the command. You have to unable this feature and it will be fixed. Go to the section were the hidden icons are on the task bar, select RIC app and open setting menu.

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